Monday, February 28, 2011

Two Weeks In Hell Part Five

November 26th, 2008

I have been either on the road to hell or in hell for the last eight days. This experience has had a profound effect on me. I never realized before what comfort we derive in this life from our surroundings. I mean no matter what you may be facing in this life, you never face the sense of hopelessness that is the lot of those who find themselves here. I am here with the master and even still this place is having an effect on me. I have attempted in my own small way to describe and chronicle the events that I have seen and experienced here.

Yet the mere reciting of facts and events does not convey the effect this place has on your heart and emotions. Hell is a dark place of solid rock and long winding tunnels. That in and of itself is bad enough. We take for granted the beauty of a sunrise, or the warm touch of a human hand given to us just when we need it. Imagine a world where there is absolutely nothing that you will ever see or experience that will ever give inspiration to your soul. Imagine a heart devoid of any hope whatsoever.

Imagine an existence where you go from place to place, knowing that around the next corner, you may come face to face with the most horrible form of torture and judgment. Imagine being either in torment or contemplating that no matter what you may face it will just go on and on in a never ending wave of anguish and distress. The master has allowed me to feel the atmosphere that this place engenders in the human heart. I have at times found myself overwhelmed by fear, and the distress I feel in my heart for all the suffering I see going on around me.

He and I have left behind the cavern of Apollyon. We are walking side by side down this long winding tunnel. It is far narrower than the tunnels we have walked in before. Yet the things that I have found true about all such tunnels are still true of this one. The air is hot and oppressive. There is also a stench in hell that were I to smell it in my natural body would cause my stomach to turn. We are also descending down and the deeper we go the greater the sense of helplessness that grips your heart.

I looked over at Jesus and his face shows him to be deep in thought as we silently continued our journey. I can remember so many times we have shared such wonders together but nothing like this. Up ahead in the distance I can hear what sounds like a great throng of people. They seem to be in a great deal of distress, which I must admit is the norm of people here. Yet I must admit the sound is far more intense than what I have heard before.

Jesus stopped and motioned to me and we sat down on the floor with our backs to the wall. His eyes were filled with tears and I could tell his heart was distressed. He turned and looked at me and said, “My son, what you are about to see few have ever experienced except for the lost. Walk in my strength my child and do not give in to the fear that will attempt to fill your heart. I told you there were far worse places here than what you have seen”.

Jesus sighed, and starred straight ahead with a far away look in his eyes. He just sat there for a few moments as if collecting his thoughts. “Michael you have had many questions enter your mind since we got here but none has been more profound than the question of why”. He turned and looked my way his face displaying an agony and grief that tore at my heart. I instinctively placed my hand on his arm in a feeble attempt to comfort him.

A slight smile formed on his face and with his other hand he gripped my hand on his arm and I could feel the love and warmth pass between us. His eyes are the most beautiful blue and as he gazed deeply into mine the love and devotion I have for him filled my heart with love and joy. We sat there for just a moment in silence. Yet although no words were being expressed the love he had for me could not have been more apparent.

He said, “Michael the love that you and I have just shared the people and demons of hell are completely incapable of. You have spent a great deal of time my son in heaven over the last few years. The atmosphere of heaven is one of love and compassion. You see beloved heaven is a place where that divine spark of eternal life that I placed in your heart when you accepted me as Lord and Savior grows and develops. Think of the great love of Father’s heart. Think of my beloved followers with whom you have grown to love and appreciate in the past year”.

His eyes began to glow with the intensity of the glory of God. Right here in the very pit of hell my spirit began to swoon with love and affection for my lord. “Michael when someone comes to me I place in their hearts the divine love that has ever been the norm that we Father, Son, and Holy Spirit have existed in for all time. It is placed within you in seed form and by your devotion and consecration to me it grows and develops. Few my child have allowed the glory of our love to grow within their hearts to the extent that you have in this life. Yet no matter what level of revelation and understanding a believer in this life has it will by its nature bring them to me when they pass from this life.

Don’t you see son the new creation that I died for comes to heaven upon death because it is the natural consequence of the new life and nature I placed in your hearts. In heaven all continue to walk in the life and nature of their heavenly Father simply because as the love and glory of our being we placed in you grows it has a destiny all its own. Divine love pulls you ever upward to me. The life you have inside you comes from above and has properties within it that whether in this life or the next will continue to grown and develop. You gain all this by simple faith in me.

Heaven and all it represents is merely the natural place wherein exists the greatest love ”. Jesus reached over and placed his hand on my arm in a gesture of love and devotion. “Michael the greatest force ever known is agape love. Heaven was created by that love being given its greatest expression and all spirits filled with agape love come to heaven at death because what you are at death pulls you to me”.

With this he once more leaned back against the wall and sighed. I could sense the despair filling his heart. He once more and with tears running down his face looked deeply in to my eyes. I have never seen Jesus so overcome with grief and my heart was stirred by him. He sat there for a few moments regaining his composure. He then said, “My word says that hell was created for the devil and his angels. It was never meant for man”. His eyes had an almost pleading look of despair in them. “Michael you know me. Has it never occurred to you that what hell is seems to be so completely at odds with everything you have seen of both Father and I? You have seen some of the torments of hell my son.

Do you think my child that we would ever create such a place of such horror and terror? Would our hearts be filled with such an evil desire to punish the wicked that we would make a place of confinement for them as evil and vile as this place”? He shook his head as he said these words. “Michael heaven was made as much by you as by us. We share the same life. Our hearts are filled with the same love and affection”. His eyes had a look that just tore at my heart. His eyes were pleading with me to understand. “Son it is as simple as this ultimate love has a destiny. It was this ultimate love that pulls all such like hearted people together. This love is ever growing within you for it is as eternal and divine by nature as Fathers heart.

I was born into the world of men to die in the place of every man, woman, and child who would ever live. Love, agape love, drove me to the cross. I made a way for every one to freely be filled with our life by my resurrection. Yet the choice to receive such life is a decision that every heart must make for him or her self.

Michael when Satan fell he was by choice not only in rebellion but he was also cut off from the love of Father by deliberate choice. Son we made hell as a place of separation for all such spirits in rebellion against us. We made a place of confinement but they my son turned it into hell. Just as the love placed in your hearts by Father pulls you to us the lack of such love has a destiny of its own. Men have a choice in this life. If they chose to disdainfully turn their back on our free gift of redemption upon death they pass here.

Son they cannot come to us in heaven because they have no life within them. Hell like heaven is nothing more or less than the ultimate expression of eternal death in the hearts of the lost. Demons torment the lost and each other because it is their nature to do so. They have no compassion because they have no life. Hell like heaven is the outward manifestation of the darkness within the hearts and souls of the lost. Man in the fall is selfish, evil, and consumed with dark passions of every sort. Hell is simply the place that all such fallen spirits gravitate to in the next life.

Jesus sighed, and his body shook with sobs. He said, “Son I died for them and took their punishment for them. Do you think I would ever desire that even one of them should find there way here? Someday they shall one and all stand before me and give an account for their life. Hell and all within it shall be cast into the lake of fire. Their once and for all rebellion and darkness shall end forever. Come my child let us be going”.

With these words the master stood to his feet and my heart is filled with even more love and compassion than I had for him before. Something horrible awaits us up ahead I know. I don’t know what it is but I know that when I am with Jesus no matter where I find myself all is well.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Two Weeks In Hell Part Four

Heaven is a place of wonder, glory, and beauty. It is a place where the very atmosphere is alive with the presence of God. It is a place of eternal rest and peace. I could not find myself in a place more different than here. For hell is a place of hopelessness and fear. The atmosphere is heavy and oppressive. The pain and suffering of the eternally lost here is beyond description. I thought the demon spirits that carried their helpless victims here were vile and vicious.

I have discovered that there are even more fearful and evil forces here that beggar the imagination. Jesus and I have made our way deeper into the inner recesses of hell. I have seen things that shall haunt my mind as long as I live. The demons that I have seen so far are called familiar spirits. Yet in the grand scheme of things they are considered low echelon demons. They had been allowed to escort their human hosts into hell and to feed off the fear and apprehension that filled the hearts of the people they have afflicted.

Jesus and I have made our way down the corridor of this great cavern. I have noticed that it continues in a long tunnel. The tunnel is very long and very wide. We are not traveling alone however for the demons and people that had come here as we did are also traveling down this tunnel. I found it very peculiar and strange that the further we traveled the more agitated both the demons and people became.

It is oppressively hot here, and dark. I can barely make out the forms of all of us traveling down this tunnel. The people and there are many thousands of them have by this time spent what must surely have been several days here. Their eyes reflect a pitiful display of suffering, pain, and hopelessness. I turned and looked at the master. His face was a mask of deep sorrow and sadness. He turned and looking at me motioned to me to stand to one side.

He said, “My son they are not aware of us. Up above at the entranceway of hell I allowed them to both see and hear us for your edification. It was necessary for you to see the torment that my presence has not only for the demon spirits, but for these poor lost souls as well. I have chosen to hide you and myself as well from their sight. So even though we are in the midst of them they are completely unaware that we are here”. He turned and looked sorrowfully in my eyes.
“ Son I see no reason to only add to their torment. Michael learn a lesson from me my child in this. Just as here I can both stand and hide you, and myself so I can do it also in the natural world as well. So many times in plain sight I have hid my own from the evil ones. By my Spirit I both lead and guide you. By my Spirit you are led and they walk in darkness. In life they walked in their own pernicious ways. I was there for each and every one of them.

They chose the darkness over the light and now they have earned that eternal darkness that they have found here”. With this he grew silent and motioned to me and we began walking again. We go deeper and deeper and always down. The further we travel the more oppressive it becomes. I see that this cavern is coming to an end. There is a giant rock formation and doorway or entrance in the rock formation up ahead.

I see two very large demons standing side by side. They are also flanking the entranceway just ahead. At the sight of them both the people and the demons accompanying them began to cower in fear. Jesus said, “Son unlike the angels of God who are motivated by their great love for the triune God these evil ones are moved by something else. Demons are motivated by lust and power, and the desire to destroy. They will as likely turn on each other as to do anything else”.

The closer we got to the two large muscular demons the more agitated the lower echelon demons became. I soon saw why. These large demons had swords in their hands. The laughter of fiends escaped from their lips. One of them reached down and plucked one of the demons off the back of the human he was riding. He began to screech in horror and in an obvious display of satisfaction the two large devils passed him back and forth between them on the end of their swords.

The smaller demon was wounded by this action. This went on for some time until in a final display of ruthless contempt one of the large demons threw the little demon over his shoulder and through the darkened doorway over which they stood guard. I could hear the shrieks of the evil little spirit inside the place in which he had been thrown. At this all the other little demons began to almost in one motion begin to shake and quiver before me.

They were consumed with the terror and fear of what they had just witnessed. Jesus said, “Son there is no loyalty and respect in the legions of hell. They rule over one another by fear and power. They hate each other almost as much as they hate humanity”. Jesus stopped and put his arms on my shoulders. “Son, what you are about to witness as we enter the chamber ahead will shake you to the depths of your soul. This chamber is called the chamber of Abandon. This is my son but the first chamber of torment. There are many levels of hell my child that I will be showing you. These smaller demons tremble in fear almost as great as the human spirits about to enter here because they know they have as much to fear as the lost who enters here.

As we get closer to the entrance I can hear a buzzing sound that sounds almost like the wings of tens of thousands of insects. I don’t know why but just hearing this sound even though I am with the master has filled my heart with a sense of fear and foreboding. It was having the same effect on the demons and people who were slowly making their way forward. I am witnessing an almost physical reaction of fear in these poor lost souls. We are very close to the entrance now and the hum of those beating wings has grown to a very steady humming sound.

People are passing through the entranceway two by two. I say passing but the more accurate description would be they are being forced through, for as they get close enough, they are recoiling in horror from what is awaiting them inside. There are only six people in front of us but we are close enough now to see into the next chamber just ahead. What I saw caused a great lump of fear to well up in my throat. A fear gripped my heart beyond anything I had ever known or experienced before and I am with the Master!

I saw millions and millions of small insect sized demons buzzing around. Their faces however reflected an intelligence that belied the relatively small size of each. They are only about an inch long in diameter. They have long white hair and a small face hideously distorted. I can also see a small mouth with fang like teeth. They have four wings that are set on their backs of a set of two each. However the most horrible thing about them is they have a long tail, which closely resembles the tail of a scorpion.

The fear that is gripping my heart is a horror beyond anything I have ever known. I did not know it was possible to feel such fear! I began to wail and tremble and my knees were literally knocking together. All of this happened in a few seconds of time. Jesus took my hand and turned and looked deeply in my eyes. “My child you have nothing to fear. You have been saved by grace and these evil ones cannot see you anymore than can the others amongst whom we are gathered here. Just the slightest touch of his hand began to quail the fear that had just moments before gripped my heart. The fear I felt had only lasted a few seconds but it has had a profound effect on me. I never and I mean never ever want to know and feel such fear ever again. Having recovered my equilibrium I turned my attention to those individuals that were in line just ahead of us.

Their faces are a mask of sheer horror and terror. I believe the fear I was feeling for just a few seconds was nothing compared to the fear that these poor hopeless wretches are feeling. There are just two people in front of us now. They and the small demons riding their backs are both consumed with an intense emotion of fear. I am close enough to the two large demons in front of the doorway to observe them.

They stand about eight feet tall and their bodies are humanoid in appearance. They are very muscular and well developed. Their faces or heads however have an almost goat like feature and they have two large horns protruding from their heads. The two small demons, which had been riding the backs of their human victims ever since their arrival in hell had dismounted. They have fallen to their knees in a spasm of fear. A tormented screeching sound is coming from their lips and they are gripped with such fear that their bodies are shaking in a violent spasm of horror.

The two large demons at the entrance are not moved however. They have large red eyes and they almost pulsate with demonic power. I know there is no pity in their eyes. They both raised their swords, which threw the two smaller demons into convulsions of terror. The demon on the left picked up one of the little demons and with a hideous laugh tossed him into the chamber. The insect like demons fell upon him the moment he passed the threshold. They covered his body from head to toe.

The insect demons were stinging him over and over and with each sting the most hideous red bloated welts appeared on his body. He was covered by dozens of these small demons. They were taking great delight in the torment they were inflicting on him. The screeches of torment coming from the demon will haunt me for the rest of my days. He was obviously in great pain, his face was even more distorted than usual and his eyes were reflecting the shear agony that he was experiencing. I did not want to look at him any more and turned to Jesus.
He was already looking steadfastly at me and his left hand was resting on my shoulder. The emotional trauma that had been griping my soul began to subside. He said,” Son John wrote of these demon spirits in the revelation. He described them as locusts. Their will come a day in the future when these evil ones shall be released in the earth and for five months those humans alive on earth who do not know me shall be tormented by them. During that time men will be unable to die and the smoke, fire, and torment of hell shall be unleashed on the world.

This is great tribulation my son for those so tormented shall have sworn an eternal oath of allegiance to that wicked one who shall soon come and deceive the whole world. They have been imprisoned here for thousands of years. They are more fierce and resolute in their purposes than most of the demons in hell. Do not be deceived by their relative small size my son. They are intelligent and move with a deliberate purpose as one. They are filled with an unholy rage and their entire purpose of existence is to inflict pain and torment. They make no distinction between man and devil as you can see my child”.

I turned my attention back to the demon inside the doorway and he was flailing away with his arms in a desperate attempt to rid himself of his demonic tormentors, but there were just to many of them. He fell to his knees in a great spasm of pain and I watched in horror as the little demons just covered him. I can no longer even see him his body is just a mass of these demon locusts as John called them. They cover him like ants and the only way I know he is even there is by the muffled screeches of pain coming from him, sight unseen, under the pile.

The other demon still outside the doorway was watching this whole thing, as was I. His eyes reflected the horror and fear that was gripping his heart. The two large demons had been watching the first demons torment with an obvious relish. It was almost like they were gaining strength from the torment being inflicted on the little demon. They by and by however turned their attention back to the demon on this side of the doorway. The look of fiendish demonic satisfaction and glee on their faces turned very hard and cold.

The large demon on the right extended his sword and picked up the smaller demon, as had his companion moments before done to the tormented demon still under our purview inside the door.
The unmistakable contrast was horrifying. The large demon was smiling, his eyes reflecting both the contempt he had for the little demon and the inner satisfaction he was gaining by his torment. The little demon was writhing in agony. The point of the sword having pierced him, and he was suspended in midair as the large demon slowly raised his sword over his head. Then to my surprise he threw the demon not through the doorway but back against the wall of the cavern in which we are now standing.

The little demon lay in a heap on the floor in obvious pain from the wounds the sword had done to him. He quickly though regained enough of a realization of where he was to slowly pick himself up and scurry away. The two large demons looked at each other and shared a laugh with each other, before turning their attention to the two humans still there before them. They put their swords away and each picked up one of the people and bodily just threw them through the door.

One was a man and one a woman. The second they passed through the door the horrible scene we had witnessed with the little demon were repeated. Scream after scream pierced the air and the smaller demons seemed to be attacking the humans with even more intensity than they had the demon. Jesus turned and took my hand and we crossed together over the threshold into the chamber. The larger demons took no notice of us whatsoever. It was as Jesus had said they could not see us.

The chamber in which I find myself is a nightmare. It is far larger than the chamber we have just left. In fact I cannot see any walls around us just a flat rocky plain. I looked above my head and saw that the roof of this cavern just went up and up and its appearance reminded me of what a beehive looked like. To my horror millions and millions of these tiny insect like demons covered the walls of this place. I cannot see the ceiling. I just see that it rises up and up out of sight.

Jesus said, “Son the day shall come when the top of this cavern shall be opened and the world of man shall come face to face with the evil you see all around you. These demons you see here know that there hour shall soon come and the ones you see on the walls are making their preparations for when that day shall come”.

My heart is racing in horror at just the thought of it and I fell on my face before the Lord and began to worship him. He said. “Fear not my child they have no power or authority over you. You are sealed with the seal of the Holy Spirit as one of my own and they cannot touch you”.

I turned my attention to that which is going on all around me and saw what looked like millions of souls all in a state of torment from these fiends of hell. Jesus said, “Alas my son this is just but the beginning of what the lost here experience. I have much yet to show you and there are things here and places here far worse than this”.

I cannot imagine anything worse than the torment I am seeing here in this chamber at this time. My heart is filling with a resolute determination to reach out to the lost. I will do all that I can to save as many as I can from the horrors of hell.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Two Weeks In Hell Part Three

I find myself in an enveloping darkness, as Jesus and I have descended deep into the blackness of this chasm. The farther we descend, the darker and more oppressive it becomes. I have never encountered such fear. If I were not here with the master I could not imagine the depth of the fear that one would feel. I think in some way I am being allowed to feel somewhat what someone feels when they come here.

The fear is far more than just my reaction to my surroundings. It is coupled with awareness that all who find themselves here have lost any vestige of hope. The word speaks of a bottomless pit and there seems to be no end to this abyss. All around me are sounds of torment and distress and yet it is so dark here I cannot see what I am hearing. My hand is in Jesus hand and the only thing I am sure of is we are continuing to descend. Imagine falling in a hole of complete darkness. It is disconcerting the feeling I have, just falling into the dark.

Up ahead I can see a red glow but it barely is making a dent in the gloomy darkness of this place. I have been haunted all the way down into this shaft by the terrified screams of someone just ahead of me. In the glow of the red light I see up ahead I am able to make out the shadowy outline of the demon with its bat like wings. I can also barely make out what looks like a woman struggling in the talons of his claws. Her screams and torment are a fixation in my mind that I shall never forget.

We seem to have come to the end of our descent as I saw the lady and demon up ahead come to a sudden stop. She is on her feet again and the demon has folded his wings around himself. He is still riding her back and we are close enough to them that I can see them more clearly now. Both Jesus and I have also stopped our fall and I find myself standing on solid rock again.

We seem to be in a very large cavern. I glanced back up to where we had just come from. As in heaven there is no sense of time here but it seems like we had been descending for days. All I could see was darkness and a shudder went through me as I stood there looking up into the darkness. I knew there was a massive distance, which we had come. I could only imagine the despair that would have filled my heart if I had come here lost and without Christ.

Looking up I knew that there was no way of ever crossing that boundary we had just crossed and ever escaping from here. The master put his arms around me and my fears began to subside. I could not help but reflect back to that time when a few months ago we had been walking together in the valley of peace. He was speaking to me then of coming judgments that were just ahead in our world. Yet in the valley of peace it was impossible to feel any fear.

How different are the emotions that this place engenders in my heart. Here I find myself with the master just as before but I am fighting off a considerable amount of fear and despair. I could not imagine the fear one would be feeling here without him. So many times in heaven I have found myself lost in the glory of God. Lost so completely that I did not know where I was or how to leave but the glory, love, and favor of God at such times is so wonderful, I did not care.

Where we are now is a place so vast and I know that I am dependent on the master to find our way back out again. Jesus said, “Son we have only begun that which I would show and share with you. Do not give into the despair of this place. I am with you and shall never leave your side. I am allowing you to feel the anxiety and fear of hell my son. For you must warn others of the reality of this place”.

I could see that we are in a huge cavern. Along the walls there are various rocks and boulders and demons and people. There are so many people here but none of them are paying any attention to each other. They are one and all to busy trying to deal with the torment each is feeling from the demon host that each is carrying. These demons are gaining great demonic pleasure from these poor lost souls.

Their red evil eyes almost appear to be glazed over much like a drug addicts eyes appear. I turned and saw the master was looking at me very intently. He said, “Michael there is pleasure in sin for only a season a very short while”. He looked around at these poor damned souls with a look of great sadness in his eyes. “Michael sin is a spiritual force that demons know how to take advantage of. They place the poison of desire into the human heart. The pleasure or craving and evil passion of sin is actually the lust and desire of the demon himself. When a demon is able through lust to build a stronghold in a person or even worse to possess them they use that person to fulfill their own evil desires.

All of these poor lost souls are here because in one way or another they preferred the poison of hell to the rivers of living water that I would have given them”. Jesus sighed and his eyes filled with tears. “Look at them my son”. I glanced around at the people all around me on each one a demon was not just riding on their backs but were injecting poison into them through their talons while at the same time seeming to extract something from them. Their eyes were as I have already said almost glazed over with a demonic fever of such evil satisfaction.

“Son the sad thing is these evil spirits have had this same connection to them in life. They fill their souls with the passion of desire and then flood their minds with the degradation and vile evil that is the essence of what these demons are. So many of these here had evil addictions of one kind or another. The sad thing is that what they were addicted to was not drugs, or sexual perversion or some other thing. What they were addicted to was the demon that they still carry with them.

Son you have discerned rightly about the glaze in the eyes of these evil ones. They are doing the same thing in death that they did to these poor wretches in life, feeding on them the terror and fear of hell that the lost feel when coming here is producing a narcotic of sorts in these evil spirits. They feed off the suffering and pain of those with whom they are assigned. The drug addict, who abuses his body in an unholy quest to make the pain inside stop, has no idea that the source of his or her pain is the demon that drove them to drugs in the first place.

Now here in this evil place they continue to feed on the raw emotions of torment that they inflicted on these in life. Some people are driven by a lust for power or fame, others by a desire for great wealth; still others derive great satisfaction in the suffering of others. These are the ones who they have the most complete control over. Evil spirits have one great desire. They are so perverted inside that they can only gain some satisfaction from the distress and pain of others.

Their greatest lustful desire is not only to torment the person with whom they are assigned but also to use that individual to inflect torment on others. Theirs is a desire to destroy. That is why my son the more powerful demons tie themselves into the lust for power of evil men. Hitler was a man tormented by the forces of hell from a youth. Very early in his life they possessed him and transformed him. His lust for power was only exceeded by his passion to destroy. Very powerful demonic forces made a way for him because he was a vessel who had power over the lives of millions into whose hands these evil ones gave him control.

History gives us the sad truth of just how well they succeeded. Son these evil ones eyes are glazed over with the evil satisfaction that these same poor souls who they tormented throughout their lives are now suffering the greatest torment of all. They know they are lost, without hope, their spirits full of eternal death. The poison these demons are pumping into these people is one that is exasperating the fear and torment they already feel. Alas they have learned to late to their eternal sorrow the truth”.

Jesus put his arms on my shoulders and looked deeply in my eyes. “My beloved son that is why they hate you so intensely and why they have tried to destroy you. Father allowed them to torment you in various ways because he knew what ever they tried they could never extinguish that flame of desire and love that you had for us son. They hate you because of the anointing of Father that is even now beginning to form a wellspring in your heart.

It is not just your love of Father they hate but the internal transformation that he is making in your life. Your heart is moved with compassion at the suffering of others. Son you are becoming the very enemy they hate and despise the most. You my son are a man who walks in the anointing of your Father. For my child like your Father your greatest desire in life is to minister life to the wounded and dying all around you. This type of selfless love and affection only comes from above. This kind of power they cannot abide, but they also cannot handle it either.

The more you abide with us the more this will happen. There is no more powerful emotion in the world than selflessness. A desire to lay down your life to help another is the greatest power there is.

That my child is their greatest weakness and vulnerability and that is where you will defeat them”. Jesus smiled as he looked deeply in my eyes. “That is why my incarnation in the world was so beyond them. My sacrificial death was as my word says beyond their comprehension. They could not understand that I would die to buy yours and all others like you my child that eternal power and glory we have invested in you and all other believers”.

Jesus turned and with a wave of his arm brought my attention to bear upon all those suffering souls so dismally on display here. He then turned and his eyes reflected that holy passion and fire of God and even in the midst of hell my spirit began to glow with the anointing of God. “Son it is as simple as this. A truly selfless man their poison has no effect on. All evil passion is motivated in one way or another by selfishness and sometimes ruthlessness.

But vessels that spend enough time with us begin to walk in the life and nature of their heavenly Father. You are beloved my child because the motivation of your life has been and is becoming more so day by day to lay down your life in the service of others. He that would be greatest among you shall be the servant of all. Even after death the truly great in my kingdom lay down their eternal reward in service to others. Men like Moses and Enoch, Daniel and John and so many others, were more than willing to walk with you my son and invest in you.

For such men never stop growing and developing, they are driven to even in heaven lay down their life in service to others. So they have on your son’s journey infused in your heart the same passion. We have come into hell for many reasons, but nothing I will share with you here will be more important than this. Here in this dark hideous place is the abode of the damned both demonic and human. These lost souls with very few exceptions spent their lives in a selfish quest to look after only their own needs and desires. Like their demonic hosts their hearts and lives by and large never saw the hurt and pain, the suffering of others.

Others are walking a different path. These are they who walk in the anointing and compassion of their Father. These are those whose heart not only sees the wounds of others but their life becomes a holy quest to minister to those needs.

There hearts like the wicked burn with passion but their hearts and ambitions could not be more different. My child all that we have done in both your sin’s journey and now is to prepare your heart for that most powerful of internal revelations”.

Jesus stopped speaking for a moment. He had inspired in me in the pit of hell such a fire and commitment. He said “Son God so loved, Father so loved, that he sent me into the world to make the ultimate sacrifice. Yes I died a death unlike any other or since but as hard as it is to believe Father suffered even more than me. He was willing to send me and I was willing to go because of our great love for you. He was more than willing to go himself but he knew he could not for he is the great God and judge of all. No someone had to come to whom the eternal sacrifice required could be done and accepted by him.

But never my child for a moment allow yourself to think that my suffering was as intense as was his. On the cross as I became sin for the first time Father and I were parted. Even though I knew it must be I was not prepared for the intensity of the separation and the judgment which followed. I bore the internal judgment that sin and selfishness required. It tore at Father in a way you could not begin to understand. Yet we were both ready to see it through to the end for we knew by doing so we would be begetting a new creation a new nobility in the hearts of men.

Men who believed in me would be transformed into beings of light. Their sense of being and purpose a direct reflection of Father’s heart, it was here son in this very cavern that I was given the keys of death, hell, and the grave. Son it was also here that a new purpose and passion was infused in the human hearts of men far beyond the poison of hell. Men who are vessels of mercy and compassion through whom Father can work, men filled with the divine light and glory of the Lord who bought them, and the love of the Father who shall forever more inspire them”.

With this Jesus ceased speaking and my heart I must say is flooded with love for him and Father. I do not know what else we shall see here but I know my heart and life will never forget what he has shown me here.

Two Weeks In Hell Part Two

My spirit is distressed and my heart broken for all these poor suffering souls. I cannot help but think that for over a year now I have been on this incredible odyssey with God. Yet in a far different way these people in whose company I am find themselves on a spiritual journey of their own. It is a journey of hopelessness and despair. We have been on this road of despair for some time now. There have been some changes however. It is getting increasingly dark and the air is hot and oppressive.

I personally am feeling no fear whatsoever. Yet I am also plugged into the feelings and emotions of all these people. As we have continued our walk their fear and apprehension have grown. It has grown more and more pronounced with each step we take. I have just now picked up a strong peculiar smell in the air. I almost at once knew in my heart that it was the scent of sulfur. The fear and terror so evident in the faces of all these around me are growing from moment to moment.

I can see a rocky formation just ahead and in the distance I can hear loud shrieks of wailing and torment. The pace has slowed somewhat and I can see in the distance that there is a path that leads right between the mountainous formations just ahead. It is narrow however and I was readily able to see why we had slowed our pace somewhat. The path was only wide enough to allow one person at a time to pass through. I have gotten close enough so that now I can see quite clearly what horrors these people have waiting for them.

I can see great movement up ahead and as I get closer and closer I can see why. Just ahead there are thousands and thousands of demons. They are a dark gray color and their faces have an almost reptilian look. They also have large wings, which they can spread out or fold in close to their bodies. These wings are shaped much like what we would see on a bat on earth. At the sight of them those all around me began to shake and scream with terror.
As we approached them these evil spirits seemed to be assigned one by one to each of the people with whom I had been walking.

They had serpent like tongues and their eyes were red and full of the most malevolent expressions I have ever seen. I began to be afraid myself for the first time. As each person got close enough they would jump on their backs and wrap their bat like wings around them. These spirits were about two to three feet tall. Upon making contact with the person that poor soul would begin to scream in a voice that reflected both horror and torment. I could tell that they were tormenting the people upon whom they were sitting. One by one I could see the great fear in the eyes of all those around me as we got closer to them. These demons were sitting on the backs of each individual to whom they were assigned. They had long talons on their claw like hands and feet. With these they were not merely hanging on to their victims; no they had sunk their talons into the spirits of those upon whom they were sitting.

The effect on the human host was beyond description. The shrieks of terror and pain coming from them the sound will haunt me for the rest of my life. I am in the same line that everyone else is in. Only four people in front of me separate me from these demons. As I got closer the stench that was being exuded from their bodies was in and of itself almost more than I could bear. Fear blinding fear such as I have never ever felt in my life began to clutch at my heart.

There is a woman just in front of me she is not just crying but whimpering like a small child. I can feel her fear and it is like nothing I ever wish to experience again. She was saying over and over “ no, no, no, please no. Someone help me please dear God no. The demon in front of her was obviously totally oblivious to her supplications. In fact his eyes gleaming with the fire of hell seemed to reflect a great pleasure in the torment he was causing her. He shrieked like an animal and spread his wings and leaped on her back.

This poor lost soul began to thrash all around trying to get him off. But his talons had sunk deep into her. He was not just holding on but his talons were excreting some kind of substance into her. The wide-eyed look of horror and pain I saw on her face was the most horrible thing I have ever seen. We are at the entrance to the pathway in the rock and this poor woman was carried and half drug through it. The pass is very dark and although I could still hear her wailing it was so dark I could not see her any more. Her screams echoed by the rock formation I could still hear however and they gradually receded in the distance.

Then it was my turn as I was next in line. I looked with great sense of apprehension at the unclean spirit just in front of me. His eyes were filled with demonic revelry and glee. He just stood their for a few seconds and it was obvious to me his intention was to instill terror in my heart. I felt a dread sense of fear come all over me. I could tell by his expression that he enjoyed the fear and apprehension that had begun to grip my heart. His tongue flicked from his mouth much as serpents would have. This whole thing lasted just a matter of seconds but it seemed like an eternity to me.

He then with a devilish glee shrieked and spread his bat like wings supposing to jump on my back as he had all the others. At this point however his eyes clouded over with an expression of both surprise and horror. He fell to his knees, as did all the demon spirits in my immediate vicinity. I wondered what could have possibly caused such a change in his reaction and soon found out why.

I felt a hand on my shoulder and even here in this cesspool of damnation I knew who it was. I turned and found myself looking directly in the face of the master. My heart leaped for joy and I wrapped my arms around Jesus. I began to weep as my heart was quite overcome by the twin emotions of relief and despair for all the suffering I had seen in such a short time.

The demon which had mere moments before been taking my measure in devilish glee now lay at our feet quivering and shaking in an almost convulsion of fear. His reaction was almost like that of an animal than any other way I know to express. Jesus took me out of line and we moved some distance away but still in visual sight of the horrific scene before us. The demon spirits lay quivering on the ground before Jesus. That was to be expected.

However Jesus appearance was having just as strong an impact on the people in line. They seemed to be in even greater torment than the demons! They one and all had fallen on their faces before him and their cries of torment rent the sulfuric stench filled air. This to say the least puzzled me. I turned and looked at Jesus and his eyes were filled with a look of great sadness as he slowly turned from looking at them to me.

He said, “My child to you I am your savior and Lord. To these I am now seen as their judge. My presence brings them only torment even greater than that inspired by the demons here. That life and love you have grown to know and feel for me my son is only torment for the damned. They know in their hearts that they one and all shall one day stand before me and give an account of their lives. So they are now reminded by my presence of all that awaits them and thusly their hearts are tormented”.

I fell at his feet and began to worship him. This much to my surprise seemed to cause these poor lost souls even more sorrow and pain. Jesus bent over and picked me up. He put his arms on my shoulders and with a look of great sadness said, “Son true worship and love is beyond them now. The relationship that you and I share is just a painful reminder to them of what might have been and never shall be. They can never know me as you do and they know that for all eternity they are doomed to never experience my love or my heart”.

Jesus sighed and tears formed in his eyes. He motioned to me and we walked off a short distance away and I saw that it had quite an effect on the people and demons we had just left. Jesus and I were standing not fifty feet away from them but they seemed totally oblivious of our presence. In confusion I turned and looked at the master. He was starring at me with a far away look in his eyes. He said, “Son learn a lesson that will stand you well in the days ahead”. He stretched out his hand and in a sweep from right to left directed my attention to all these people in line.

“Son the lost are always short sighted. These here spent a lifetime merely focused on that, which was right before them. I was there for them just as I have always been there for you. Yet they never had time for me or they just kept putting a relationship with me off to a later date thinking they had plenty of time. The carnal and ungodly do not have the spiritual sense that you have my child. They in life one and all at some point had a chance to pursue me but the cares of this life were more important to them and they put me off until it was to late”.

I had noticed that although Jesus and I were standing not fifty feet from them all the people had gotten to their feet, as had the demons. The horrible one by one attacks of these demon hordes had begun anew. Jesus said they could never see me in life though I was always as close to them as we are now. Just as in life my son they cannot see me for the damned lose all sight of me as you see here for they have no spiritual awareness of me unless I am right there in front of them”.

Jesus sighed and turned and looked at the horrible combination of demon and human host in the ungodly display of torment that I had been a witness to had begun anew. He turned and looked at me with great sadness as he continued. “Son this place at which we are now standing is called shoal. It is the entranceway to hell. These demons that you see here have not been randomly chosen. No my son these demons have followed and influenced the lives of each individual here assembled. For you see son in life these demons were assigned to all these people. They were the source of guidance and direction that all of these lost souls chose to follow. So when they find themselves here Satan has directed that the demon who had blinded them from finding me and had been with them all the days of their natural lives, should have the demonic privilege of escorting them in the fashion you see here into hell. So from the first human to make his way here it has ever been and shall ever be.

Son there is much more yet to show and share with you here that you must see and share with others. The world no longer believes in hell just as they no longer believe in me”. His eyes were filled with such sorrow. “Son, I do not enjoy having to show and share with you that which you are now seeing and experiencing. Yet you must see and in seeing share with others that revelation of this place that I am giving you now”.

He reached out and took my hand. He said in doing so, “Son as we have shown you Fathers kingdom and authority and still have much to still share with you, you must also see that which you are about to see and hear. Just as there has been much sealed about us until these end times that we are now sharing with you there is much about hell that has never been seen before. Fear not my child for I will ever be by your side in all that is yet to follow”.

With this with my hand in his we returned to the entrance in the rock and as before when we got close enough the people in line and the demons fell on their faces before the Lord. Still holding my hand we entered the path of darkness that I had seen all the demon spirits riding the backs of the damned enter. We had not gone but a few yards in the darkest dark I have ever felt when the ground gave way to empty air. If I had not been holding Jesus hand I would have fallen into what seems like a bottomless chasm.

We began to descend deeper and deeper into this dark pit. Up ahead I could hear the wings of those demon spirits that had been riding the back of some poor lost soul. He was using his wings much as Jesus was escorting me to take his victim down into what I can only assume is the heart of hell.

I have no fear or apprehension what so ever because I am with Jesus. Yet just ahead I hear not only the flap of the wings of a demon but the screams and wails of torment coming from the lips of the poor lost soul he is carrying. Down and down we are going ever deeper in an ever-darker place. It seems to me we have been descending in this fashion for quite sometime.
Never in all my life has my hand in Jesus hand brought me such comfort as it does right now. I do not know what we shall find when we get to the bottom but thanks be to God I shall be in the Masters care when we get there.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Two Weeks In Hell Part One

I am walking on a road and all around me the landscape is barren and devoid of life. In my heart I feel the sustaining power of the Holy Spirit. Yet the atmosphere of this place is not like heaven at all. I feel a sense of evil coupled with great despair. I began to climb a hill and coming to the crest of it I looked down on a scene that was unlike any I had ever seen.

I saw tens of thousands walking down the same road I was. They seemed totally oblivious to their surroundings and each other. Their eyes had a vacant stare and they were just moving along at a deliberate pace. My spirit could not discern any life in them. They seemed to be beyond feeling in the normal sense of the word. I could see this road was broad as one entered the valley more than able to acuminate the large throng who were walking down this road to God knows where.

I heard someone walking up from behind me and I turned and saw a disheveled man approaching me. His eyes reflected an inward despair and fatalism that I found disconcerting. He did not speak to me at all but rather
just passed me by. It was almost like his soul and being had been robbed of any hope of life and well being. I marveled at him but watched him as he slowly passed me by.

I stood there on the hill and watched as he slowly made his way down the slope and was soon lost in the throng of people below. I then proceeded to walk down the hill myself in the general direction of those who were walking ahead of me. As I drew abreast of the back of this walking crowd I could see and sense many things. Each person I passed seemed to be totally oblivious to the person or persons all around them. By and by I just moved over to one side that I might watch them pass by.

I marveled at the lack of life or energy that I could sense in this huge crowd. They were just moving along putting one foot in front of the other.
They seemed to have no idea where they were or where they were going. I stood there for quite sometime watching my heart bewildered by it all. I knew I was walking down this road with them but also knew I was different than they were also. My spirit is born anew and I carry in my heart the life of God. I sensed no such life in any of these people however.
I turned and began to once again to walk down the road with them. Not one word was being said or expressed in any way between them. I could not help but contrast the difference between these people and those I had met in heaven. There all are filled with the love and glory of the Lord. Here I sense no spiritual life what so ever only emptiness and despair. I am convinced that somehow each of them knows where they are and where they are going but it is a revelation that has eluded me thus far.

I somehow know that I am here merely to observe and whatever path these people are on it in no way is applicable to me. I wondered in my heart should I pray for these people. The Spirit of God spoke back my answer no do not pray for them for they are beyond redemption. In speaking this to me I suddenly was given the revelation of just who these people were. These people are all dead. Most alarmingly they have all died without Christ! I suddenly was made aware of just who they are and where we are.

This is a road on the road to hell! This road is called despair and this large valley is called the valley of the lost! I once again stepped to the side and my eyes filled with tears as my heart was torn for all these thousands of individuals for whom only eternal judgment awaited them. How strange to look in the faces of one person after another as they passed me by knowing that I was looking in the eyes of someone who had by dying found themselves here.

I stepped away from the crowd and walked away from the road for a little distance so that I might better take in the vastness of what I was seeing. I walked about a mile or so away from them and then turned back to look. They were walking about ten abreast but the line stretched for miles and miles until they were out of sight. I fell to my knees and began to weep and cry before the Lord. My heart is stirred by what I have already seen and what lies before me.

My spirit is disconsolate and my heart is filled with agony for these eternally lost souls I see stretched out in an endless line before me. Then I heard the voice of wisdom speak to my heart. He said, “Son you have rightly discerned who these people are and where they are going. I am with you, fear none of those things you shall see and hear. Revelation and I will share with you many things for these souls have just begun their journey and yet already their hearts are filled with the despair that this valley fills their heart with.
They have no illusions about where they are or where they are going. Son they are capable of speech and emotion but the power of hell already holds sway over them. They are doomed to suffer alone for each individual here shall spend eternity completely alone. I have many things to share with you come let us be going”. I stood to my feet and once again rejoined the crowd of people on their dreaded first faltering steps of eternal damnation.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Light that Liberates Part Two

In the beginning God… with these four words the scriptures begin. The word of God is filled with many truths, but none are more profound than this one. The central figure in all creation, in fact in all of existence, is Father God. I also find it significant that the first object of creation was the introduction of light. There is much in the details of this that we do not know but, I chose to concentrate on the truth unveiled in the first four words of Holy Scripture.
God dwells in a light which no man or being of any kind may approach. This light is the source of all life, of whatever kind, that exists anywhere in the universe. In these first few moments of existence as we know it the word of God has much to unveil to our understanding, if one can read between the lines.
Just moments before, there was nothing, not any life in existence anywhere in the universe. Then with majesty beyond our comprehension Father God stepped into this lifeless dark existence. The record in Genesis said the Holy Spirit was brooding in contemplation over the waters on the earth. It is beyond my ability to render any instruction beyond the revealed word of God.
In the creation it was the life of God, the light that regenerates, that brought life to the universe. Life could never have existed without it. In the beginning we see the triune God creating a world, a universe, whose scope is beyond us, a universe spoken into existence by the word and authority of almighty God.
The vast galaxies in our universe were all brought into existence and placed in their spheres by the divine will. Modern science is only now beginning to have some understanding of just how vast our universe is. It has been my purpose to draw attention to the light of God’s glory and the universe so vast and beyond comprehension, would even if it existed would, be a vast lifeless space without the light of life supplied by Father God.

Monday, February 21, 2011

The Light that Liberates Part One

So many voices from so many different sources are clamoring to be heard today. Voices that promise wisdom and understanding; voices that promise to somehow make sense of the discordant events that are shaping the landscape of our world. In the light of this I should add my own voice in an attempt to help shape the debate and to possibly add insight into what forces are shaping our world today.
Over two thousand years ago the Apostle John wrote of the conflict whose resolution brings understanding and illumination to the human heart. He took us back to the beginning and spoke of the living word having coexisted with God. This living word not only coexisted with God he was in and of himself God.
This living word was the force of all the living forces within our universe. He was able to bring into existence living matter from nothing, because contained within him, this living word was life itself. He was and is the source of all life that exists on whatever plain of existence it may be found. Through him all life finds its origin. Through him all life, in whatever form it may be found is sustained.
That life is the light of mankind. He is not only the creator of life, but within him may be found the reason for existence. As such this living word gives all true meaning to one and all of all that is true. He came into our world as the light of the world that pulls back the clouds of darkness from every heart that believes in him.
His is the voice that can be heard echoing through all the pages of time until our very day. A voice of clarity and reason, a voice of understanding and compassion, a voice who speaks even more clearly in our day, and brings liberation and freedom from the tyranny of evil and oppression. His name is Jesus. He is the source of light that liberates. In this the first of a series we shall examine the heart and message he shared with the world of his day and continues to share in our day and beyond.

America in Crsis Part Four

- As we move into a new decade America and the world are faced with the most challenging decisions in our history. Some time ago I began to seek the face of God for an answer to a question. How can we know when God begins to bring judgment on a nation? I felt that the Lord had laid it on my heart that an examination of how he brought judgments on nations before, would give me the insight that I was looking for. Specifically I felt led to examine the judgment he brought on the nation of Egypt during the time of the exodus, and there I would find my answer.

Let there be no misunderstanding the heart of God is one of love and compassion. God is slow to wrath and is loath to bring judgment on either an individual or a nation. Yet there comes a time in a nations life when through willful transgression of his laws and commandments that nations come under the judgment of God. God in ancient Egypt poured out ten plagues on Egypt and a close examination of these plagues will give us a clear understanding of events in our world today.

1 [a]Then the LORD said to Moses, “Go back to Pharaoh and announce to him, ‘This is what the LORD says: Let my people go, so they can worship me. 2 If you refuse to let them go, I will send a plague of frogs across your entire land. 3 The Nile River will swarm with frogs. They will come up out of the river and into your palace, even into your bedroom and onto your bed! They will enter the houses of your officials and your people. They will even jump into your ovens and your kneading bowls. 4 Frogs will jump on you, your people, and all your officials.’” (Exodus 8: 1-4 NLT)

In the second plague God brought on Egypt he caused a great swarm of frogs to cover the land. These frogs completely covered the land of Egypt. There was nowhere anyone could go to escape them. They affected everyone’s home and place of business. Even their bedrooms, kneading bowls, and ovens were covered with them. When a society gives itself over to the pursuit of pleasure it has come under judgment. As we demonstrated in our last devotion sin produces a craving for more sin. It is a never-ending cycle. Sin produces an itch that cannot be scratched. The first plague produced the second.
A plague of frogs speaks of an increase in the power and influence of the demonic within a society. In his Revelation John shows us the correlation of frogs and the demonic.
And I saw three evil[b] spirits that looked like frogs leap from the mouths of the dragon, the beast, and the false prophet. 14 They are demonic spirits who work miracles and go out to all the rulers of the world to gather them for battle against the Lord on that great judgment day of God the Almighty (Revelation 16:13-14 NLT)
These evil spirits that John describes here had the appearance of frogs. When a people turn their back on God a plague of evil is released in the land. A spiritual climate that stands in opposition to God consumes the people and its leadership. Frogs were and are a symbol of not just the demonic but demonic principalities of darkness. As already shown these frogs were everywhere in Egypt and so likewise a nation that turns its back on God will see the rise of the demonic influence cover the land.
We have now seen three things that indicate America is suffering the judgment of God in the land. Our people and our leaders have challenged the Lord, as did Pharaoh of ancient Egypt. We have pursed a course of abandonment to our passions, and thirdly as a result seen an increase in the power of the demonic in the land. Before it is everlastingly to late it is my prayer that our nation shall turn to God in repentance. There is much more to say that shall demonstrate the great peril in which this nation has placed itself.