Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Son's Inspiration

     I wish to add a word of clarification. This blog is dedicated to the stories, events, and prophetic events that are happening around the world. The news stories I place here are stories that line up with the prophacies revealed in the word of God. The tittle of this blog (Reflections of a seer) is an admission of mine of the ministry that God entrusted to me some twenty odd years ago. In the Bible we have some prophets who are called seers. Not all prophets are seers, but all seers are prophets. I am not in any way claiming to be a new age mystic seer.
   Seers in the bible and those so entrusted by God have dreams and visions. I have placed a number of them in this space before. Today I am giving an account of a vision that I had just yesterday. I also have several journals of visions that Father has shown me in the past which I shall also be puting here. My prayer is this most recent experience shall be a blessing to all who read it.

                                               Michael Plemmons

             My spirit has been called once more to heaven. To be more precisely to my lodge that Father had built for me a few years ago. Yet I do not take comfort in being here today. I walked across the clearing and through the front door and into the parlor of my lodge. I entered my study and took the all too familiar bag off the hook on the wall. I went into the dining room and found three loaves of bread and a skin of wine.

The wine skin had a little note with it that said it was the first batch of wine that had been made with the grapes from my own small vineyard and it was signed Joseph. This brought a smile to my face for Joseph is an acquaintance of mine who happens to be the best winemaker in heaven.

Yet my spirit is filled with a sense of purpose and I know that I am about to begin the most important journey I have ever undertaken here. The last few years have been a time of great joy, revelation, and pain. Today is where it all begins to move forward and I feel my Father’s call to me. Taking the three loves and the wineskin I placed them in my bag.

I retraced my steps and made my way out the front door of my lodge and having crossed the clearing surrounding my place I soon found myself in the forest of God. I do not know where I am going I just know I am being led by the Spirit of God. Stopping for a moment I took a deep breath of that wonderful almost perfumed air of heaven. Above my head like giant sentinels the branches of these great trees of glory towered far above my head.

It does feel so good to be here but feeling pressed in my spirit I began walking once more. Never in my life have I felt so compelled to do anything than I feel at this present time. I have come a great distance in fact I find myself deep in a part of the forest I have never been before. In the distance I can see a small clearing and I immediately began to make my way towards it.

As I entered the clearing I saw a beautiful fountain in the center of the clearing. Sitting on the edge of the fountain was a small man. He was staring at me and stood to his feet as I neared him.

He had very large intent eyes, a closely cropped beard and dark hair. His garment was simple and I could sense a great anointing in him. Motioning to me we sat down side by side on the fountain He took both my hands in his and a powerful anointing surged all over me.

He said, “Son my name is Simeon. It was my privilege in my lifetime. to be filled with an awareness of the coming of the Lords anointed. Father revealed to me that I would not see death until I had seen with my eyes his anointed”.

Tears welled up in his eyes. I also was moved by the emotion I could feel in this simple but powerful man of God.

“Michael I was born to see and receive a revelation of the coming of the Messiah prophesied long before I was born. It was a glorious moment when I took the baby into my arms. I knew who he was and what he had been sent into the world to accomplish”.

He paused as if deep in thought. My spirit began to be filled with an intense feeling of anticipation. He began to weep silently and tears coursed freely down his cheeks. I put my hand on his shoulder in a sign of support. I could sense a tender spirit in him.

Regaining his composure he said, “Michael, you shall see the hand of the Lord move in the earth as it has never been seen before. Father is calling to himself a generation of holy witnesses who shall be orators of God. They shall receive a new awareness of the coming kingdom of God. They shall walk in the anointing and revelation of their heavenly Father.

A new day is coming such as the world has never seen before. Michael you have been living with a sense of anticipation for many years. There were times when you wondered if the Lord had passed you by. Beloved of the Father, take my life as an example. I was born to be a witness of the birth of Father’s son into the world.

You and many others have been set aside by Father to be a witness of Father’s kingdom and authority in the earth. No generation has ever lived through the terrible days that lie ahead. Yet Father is calling you to himself in this day and this hour to plant within you an awareness of his word, his power, and his authority.

You personally son are moving into the ministry you were born to. You have humbled yourself before him. I have been sent today to testify to you that the day of awareness is at hand. All shall be revealed, all shall be made clear, Father shall place his word within you and shall speak through you. You shall be one of the first of many whom Father is calling to himself in this hour”.

Simeon paused and put his hands on my shoulders. A gentle breeze was blowing through his hair and a slight smile creased his face.

“it is my joy to be sent as a servant of the Lord to be a witness and prophecy his word to you. The day has come and he has prepared your heart. This journey shall be different than any other you have been on before. Father shall place his mark upon you and open your heart to the anointing of the age yet to come.

The powers of darkness will not be able to withstand the anointing of the chosen in this hour. They will not be interested in building a name or a kingdom of their own. They shall be divine witnesses of Father’s heart and have an inner awareness of the kingdom authority that is yet to come. Kneel my son and receive the word Father has given me for you”.

I knelt before him and he placed his hand on my head.

My Father, with great joy I present your servant Michael to you. I beseech you Holy Father to hear my cry and my petition this day. Michael is beginning the next phase of his journey. He has been prepared by you for this day and hour”.

Simeon began to shake under the anointing and put both hands on my head, one on each side of my face.

“Dark and lonely places you have known. Yet a new day has come. In the days ahead it shall be the forces of darkness that shall be scattered. You have been called and chosen to prepare the world for the kingdom yet to come. Nations shall be humbled in this day by the kingdom power and authority of Father and his chosen vessels, who know his heart, shall bear witness of this and shall do exploits in his name.

At the word of the vessels of Fathers heart evil nations shall be brought low and those who humble themselves before shall receive the witness of their heavenly Father within them. My son Father is calling you to himself that he might write his word upon your heart for the hour is at hand”.

Having said this Simeon stepped back and for a long moment I on my knees and he standing a few feet from me, shared a moment of quiet understanding.

I could not get up and I fell on my face before the Lord. I began to shake and weep. I sense a new awareness in my heart and a sense of anticipation. The wind began to blow and raising myself up on my elbows and looking around Simeon was nowhere to be found.

A pillar of light to bright to look at was forming above my head. It was too bright to look upon and I fell once more face down upon the ground. I instinctively covered my face with my cloak. I could feel the pillar coming closer and closer over my head. The ground began to shake and my spirit is in some way connected to it.

The Holy Spirit began to speak to me out of the pillar.

“I am the voice of wisdom and understanding. I hold within me the full understanding of Father’s heart. I have come this day son to begin that holy preparation within you that shall bring a revelation of his heart and you shall walk in the anointing of that understanding for the rest of your days”.

Having said this, the pillar of light descended and covered me and we began to soar upwards. I know not where we are going but I am safe in his hands.

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