Thursday, December 14, 2017

To the wounded among us

By Michael Plemmons

Are you or somebody you know suffering the ravages of a wounded heart.

I can't speak for you but sometimes the choices we have made in life hang like a heavy weight around our necks. How could God possibly understand and the older we get the more painful and debilitating  it can be.
Yet nothing is hidden from the view of our heavenly Father.  In our deepest sorrow, and horrific pain, God sees all. Whatever dark alley life may have led us down, he has always been there, seeing and still loving us and longing for us to reach out to him. He trades our pain for love and acceptanceHe has been with us in every dark place in our lives. We never sank so low that we were not under his watchful eye.The choices we may have made good or bad cannot separate us from the love and longing he has for us, or the peace and affection he sent his son to impart to us.

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