Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Union With God

    Jesus and I have left the forest surrounding the valley of peace and have entered the valley itself. In the distance I can see Father’s house.

  I looked over at the Lord and said “how wonderful to be in the valley of peace with the prince of peace.”

  The master stopped and turned and looked at me. His eyes shone with the glory of God.His manner was one of compassionate love and consideration.

  “Son I am not unaware of the suffering you are enduring at this moment on earth. He sighed and said forces of great spiritual deception have been and are being unleashed on the earth. Your heart longs to know the truth and follow me and you do not wish to be deceived. So hear me now and gain understanding.

  Do not look at what is happening all around you but rather come here in the Spirit for only here in this day and hour shall you receive clear revelation of what is true and untrue. I have set your feet on a path and you belong here and your anointing and revelation are to come from here and you shall receive my word and that word will carry you and sustain you.”

  I was looking into his eyes very intently as he was speaking. His is such a beautiful face and his expression fills my heart with love and acceptance. His eyes began to glow with that eternal glory that comes from God and God alone. I have seen others glow with the glory of God but this is but an outward manifestation of God within them.

  Jesus face, arms, and hair began to shimmer with the glory of God. I was totally captivated. I was feeling no fear in fact my heart was overwhelmed with joy and my spirit rejoiced as he was transformed right in front of me. All the worries, fears, and hurts of the last few days here on earth were lost in the intensity of his glory that I was experiencing at this moment. I have seen him like this before and it has always caused me to fall on my face before him trembling. Yet today I am standing not two feet from him face-to-face and continuing to gaze into his eyes.

  I have been given the privilege of watching him transform right before my eyes. His eyes radiate the glory, power, and authority of almighty God. I am at once aware that he is the same person Jesus that I have known but his being is radiating the raw power and energy of God as well. I was suddenly aware that he was even more beautiful and compelling now than he was before.

  The glory of his being surrounded both of us and never have I felt such love and acceptance as now. All my worries and fears are gone. My spirit was not being just touched by him I was aware that in some way I cannot explain that his Spirit and mine were being connected to each other in a special way.

  I am lost in the light of his overwhelming glory. I feel a spiritual union with him Spirit to spirit. The light and glory of God was continuing to get even more intense. My spirit has been joined to his and I was suddenly aware that I at this moment had lost the individual distinctiveness of my own being. He and I were one. I was lost in God.

  Then above me I saw the face of the Holy Spirit swirling and I knew that I was in union with both he and Jesus.

Finally I heard the voice of Father speaking to me and he said, “ My son we live in an eternal union one with the other, we are three but we are one. I was instantly aware that Father was also here and the four of us Father, Son, and Holy Spirit were joined together as one. I could not tell where each of them began they each one of them in this glory, seemed to be as one eternal being.

  What was even more amazing to me was I was somehow connected to them. My little spirit had been in some way absorbed into them and although I want to make it clear they were God and I was me. Yet in this union what they were was so vitally connected that I was feeling what they were and was in perfect union with them.

Never have I known such peace and love as at this moment. I could feel the intensity of their combined power and glory. Yet its effect on me was the purest most compelling force of love I have ever known. I am at complete rest within them. Like all thing in heaven you just know certain things without having to be told.

  I am lost in the eternal God and I am feeling no individual awareness whatsoever. In whatever sense of being or awareness I as an individual am aware or possess, was absorbed in the glory that they are. No words were being said and yet I could both hear and feel the intensity of their being. What they are in union with each other I was somehow connected to it and thusly being allowed to experience it.

  What a privilege and joy to be allowed to experience them in this way. As I cannot distinguish for myself where I end and they begin at this moment, I also can no longer see any difference in them either. In other words Jesus, Father, and the Holy Spirit are so blended together in this glory that my spirit is only aware of one being, one God and little me somehow lost in the vastness of all they are in union with each other.

  I have no sense of time or space. I am so lost in this union that I don’t know where I am, how we got where we are or how to get back to where we were before all this started. I further more do not care. I could spend eternity lost in the glory that they are and be perfectly content. Yet in this union I am not feeling just raw power and glory. The overwhelming sense is one of complete love. The love that they have for each other and they for me is very real and powerful. How wonderful and powerful is the Lord our God!

Top US military commanders express deep concern over Chinese military buildup


       The threat from Chinese advanced weapons, including new stealth fighters and ballistic missiles, dominated concerns expressed by senior military officers at a Senate hearing this week on the military impact of delays and problems with the new fifth-generation F-35 jet.

  Two senior officers in charge of U.S. air power voiced increasing worries that U.S. forces will not be prepared for a future conflict with China, during a hearing of the Senate Armed Services airland subcommittee on Tuesday.

  Air ForceLt. Gen. Herbert J. Carlisle, deputy chief of staff for operations, said China’s rollout earlier this year of a new J-20 stealth fighter, which has made two or three test flights, is very troubling, along with another joint Russian-Indian stealth jet.

  Both aircraft could be sold to Iran and affect a future U.S. intervention there against Tehran’s nuclear program.

  “Those are discouraging in that they rolled out in a time that we thought there was maybe a little bit more time, although we weren’t sure of that,” Gen. Carlisle said.

  The three-star general’s comments echoed earlier comments by Navy Vice Adm. David J. Dorsett, a senior intelligence official, who said of the J-20 in January that “we have been pretty consistent in underestimating the delivery of Chinese technology and weapons systems.”
  U.S. military fighters will remain a pace ahead technologically of both the Chinese and Russian stealth jets. But if there are further F-35 delays, “then that pacing is in jeopardy,” Gen. Carlisle said.

  In unusually candid comments on China’s growing military power, Gen. Carlisle said: “You need only look across the Pacific and see what [China] is doing, not just their air force capability, but their surface-to-air [missile] capability, their ballistic missile capability, their anti-ship ballistic missiles,” and new missiles that can reach U.S. bases in Guam and Japan.

  “All of those things are incredibly disturbing to us for the future,” Gen. Carlisle said. “And again, … we not only have to be able to defeat those, we have to hold those targets at risk, and that’s where these fifth-generation aircraft come in.”

  Asked during the hearing what “keeps you up at night,” Rear Adm. David L. Philman, Navy director of warfare integration, said: “Well, the China scenario is first and foremost, I believe, because they seem to be more advanced and they have the capability out there right now, and their ships at sea and their other anti-access capabilities.”

  The Pentagon refers to China’s advanced weapons, including ballistic missiles that hit ships at sea, new submarines, anti-satellite weapons and cyberwarfare capabilities, as “anti-access and area denial” arms.

  Adm. Philman said the J-20 rollout is a concern, but with 1,000 test hours on the F-35, the jet is a “far leap ahead from the Chinese fighter that’s flown three times.”

  “But they will catch up. They understand. They’re a smart and learning enemy, and if we don’t keep our edge, then we will be behind, or at least lose our advantage,” Adm. Philman said.

  Sen. Joe Lieberman, Connecticut independent and subcommittee chairman, said the Navy and Marine Corps are projecting a shortage of up to 267 warplanes in the coming years for the 10 aircraft carrier wings and three Marine Corps air wings.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Valley of Peace

        I have spent the last several days walking in the valley of peace and absorbing the atmosphere of this place. It is aptly named for as it is called so it is. My spirit feels refreshed and renewed. It has been a time of quite reflection and renewal. During these days I have been completely alone as I have walked and recharged my spirit. God is such a wonderful person after the months of intense revelation he has given me this respite. At present I am walking in the forest surrounding the valley. There are no dark shadows in heaven so even though like redwoods the trees tower above me, the forest is well lit although the sky cannot be seen because of the branches of the trees above me.

  I am on a golden pathway and as I rounded a corner sitting on a bench in front of me was Jesus. He stood and walked over to me and put his arms around me. In that brief time we embraced each other my spirit was alive with the twin emotions of love and devotion that I feel for him with all my heart. His eyes twinkled with the glory of God yet his manner was relaxed. We turned and began to walk down the pathway together in the direction that would lead us to Father’s house. Father’s house overlooks the valley of peace.

  As we walked he began to speak to me. “ Son you must remember to come here and refresh yourself as you have done these last few days as you count time on earth. In the days ahead you will experience great turmoil as the culmination of all things begins. In the intensity of the fight do not lose focus on the fact that it is your connection to us that shall sustain you in the days ahead.”

  His voice was warm but firm and again as always I am overwhelmed that I am here with him. There is no one like the master and Father yet for all there glory and power I feel so comfortable and at rest in their presence.

  We came to a clearing and I saw we were on the edge of the valley of peace and I could see Father’s house with all its architectural wonder in the distance. We both stood there lost in the beauty of this place. Jesus then put his arms on my shoulders and stood face to face with me looking deeply into my eyes. For a long moment there was a complete silence between us. Yet our spirits as always were connected.

  “Michael the process of birthing the kingdom has begun. The power and majesty of our power and glory are spreading across the world and the time of Fathers revealing almost is upon us. I am the head and the church is my body. You will have a time to work and my church is in this hour being made ready for that which is about to come. As I told my disciples this is the beginning of sorrows. Even now the hearts of men are troubled by what they see coming upon the earth.”

   We sat down on the grass on the edge of the forest and from such an ideal setting it was hard to think of all that was coming. Jesus as always was teaching me with the wisdom and authority that he has; yet I was also warmed by his favor and felt such peace, love, and acceptance as he spoke. I took a deep breath and the sweet aroma of the air here had its desired affect on me. One cannot be in the valley of peace and not be completely at ease. I noticed he had stopped speaking and was looking at me with that beautiful smile that only he has.

  “ Michael I to love the atmosphere of this valley and my heart like yours is delighted to be here with you at this moment. We shall spend a great deal of time together in the days ahead. My servants Moses and Elijah have as they always do taught you well and shown you great and mighty things.”

  He then grew silent and then reached out and took my hand. His expression was one of tenderness and compassion.

   His eyes filled with tears and he said, “ Michael you have suffered a great deal for me and Father and yet your heart’s desire has never once changed. You have from a small child longed to know us and that desire was implanted in your heart before you were ever born. This son’s journey is far more than just a time of learning and growing. It is Father’s and my gift to you for in your heart of hearts this is where you have ever longed to be.”

  My eyes also began to fill with tears and my heart swelled with affection for my Lord.

  He looked me in the eyes again and put his hand on my head and said,” Son the afflictions of your body have been Satan’s last attempt to divert you from that holy calling and purpose Father and I have for you. Be strengthened and healed by the power and authority of my word spoken this day to you. As I healed your inner wounds so this day I begin the process of cleansing and healing your body for that which I have for you to do.”

   With this we both stood to our feet.

   We began to walk to Father’s house and Jesus continued speaking, “ Son I have many things to show you but none will ever be more important to me than the love that both Father and I have for you. Come let us be going for Father awaits us.”

UN Warns: U.S. Dollar Collapse Could Upset Entire Global Financial System


    The United Nations warned on Wednesday of a possible crisis of confidence in, and even a “collapse” of, the U.S. dollar if its value against other currencies continued to decline.

In a mid-year review of the world economy, the UN economic division said such a development, stemming from the falling value of foreign dollar holdings, would imperil the global financial system.

   The report, an update of the UN “World Economic Situation and Prospects 2011” report first issued in December, noted that the dollar exchange rate against a basket of other key currencies had reached its lowest level since the 1970s.

This trend, it said, had recently been driven in part by interest rate differentials between the United States and other major economies and growing concern about the sustainability of the U.S. public debt, half of which is held by foreigners.

   “As a result, further (expected) losses of the book value of the vast foreign reserve holdings could trigger a crisis of confidence in the reserve currency, which would put the entire global financial system at risk,” it said.

   The 17-page report referred at another point to the “still looming risk of a collapse of the United States dollar.”

Rob Vos, a senior UN economist involved with the report, said if emerging markets “massively start selling off dollars, then you can have this risk of a slide in the dollar.

   “We’re not saying the collapse is imminent, but the factors are further building up that we could quickly come to that stage if other things are not improving quickly on other fronts — like the risk of the U.S. not being able to service its obligations,” he told Reuters.

  UN economists have for some time queried whether the dollar should continue to be the world’s sole reserve currency. Others have also expressed concerns about U.S. finances.

   Standard & Poor’s threatened on April 18 to downgrade the United States’ prized AAA credit rating unless the Obama administration and Congress found a way to slash the yawning federal budget deficit within two years.

   A downgrade would erode the status of the United States as the world’s most powerful economy and the dollar’s role as the dominant global currency.

Friday, May 27, 2011

The Day of the Lord Part Five

  Millions and millions of us are gathered in the valley of eternity. This vision is of the far distant future. The intensity of the glory of God being expressed by the triune God is incredible! Jesus has come down from the throne and Father has ascended to it. We here assembled have been energized by the radiant power of God! In heaven there is no consciousness of time. It has been six days since I wrote my last a son’s revelation. Yet I know that where we are now time no longer exists! All that has been of the former world and universe is no more. The valley of eternity is a place that will exist in the new heavens and new earth that the word of God speaks of.

  I am experiencing not just a vision but the Lord is allowing me in the Spirit to experience the actual events, as they will happen in the future! Since I last put pen to paper so to speak it has been six days. Yet I know if we were to count things by time hundreds of years have come and gone since I last wrote. We have had a time of praise and adoration that in the world of time would have started hundreds of years ago! I know in my heart this is true and the Holy Spirit has if you will kind of fast forwarded the heavenly video tape so to speak hundreds of years from where we last were.

  Right now all of us are standing very quietly in a time of joint solemnity and respect. We one and all are silent witnesses of what is happening on the platform before us. Jesus is kneeling before his Father who is sitting on the throne that Jesus had been sitting on before. The atmosphere is so silent that even amongst these billions and billions of angelic and human witnesses you could have heard the softest whisper.

  Jesus from his knees looked up at his Father and began to speak. “My Father today I have concluded that holy charge that you gave me all those thousands of years ago. Evil has been vanquished! Death in all its forms is now nothing more than a distant memory. Satan and all his minions have been defeated once and for all and cast into the lake of fire. All of these here assembled are silent witnesses of this and more”.

  Jesus raised his arms to Father and with a voice charged with great emotion continued. “Father I present these children to you on this day at this time. On the day I was born in human flesh I forever became identified with them. They are one with me Father as you and I are with each other. They one and all are visible, tangible proof of the glory that you gave me for them. Holy Father I shall for all time be as fully human as I am divine. As your Son I kneel before you this day not because I must but by choice. It has ever been my joy to serve you as a son and so shall I ever be.

  I am one being with two eternal natures. The divinity of my being I share only with you and the Holy Spirit. Yet I am also fully man and that part of my being I share with all these millions of redeemed from all the ages of time. As a man I kneel before you my Father as Lord and God. I do this now as I did on the cross as their representative. In my humanity I speak for all the redeemed that I bring to you my Lord on this most solemn of occasions to present them to you.

Today my Father as you accepted my sacrifice on that wondrous day when I ascended in the power of the resurrection, I here and now ask of you my Father that you accept all of these children that I bring to you this day. As the head of all redeemed humanity you gave me a kingdom and I have here this day finished the work you have given me. Father I relinquish the kingdom you gave to me and present myself to you Father in an eternal expression of love and devotion once again.

Father I give my kingdom back to you and as the firstborn of redeemed humanity I ask that you accept all these here assembled into your kingdom and that they may now be one with you as I am one with you. May they now through me forever be one with us. Holy Father fill them with the glory and power that you and I have existed in for all eternity. Accept them Holy one as you accepted me when I rose from the dead and ascended into your presence”.

  Jesus lowered his arms and in a silent demonstration of love and respect bowed his head before his Father. Father stood up and walked over to stand in front of his Son. He placed his hand on his head and as he did so a wave of glory enveloped them such as I have never seen before and could not begin to describe. Nothing was being said between them but there was no doubt to me or anyone else here that they were in an intense Spirit-to-Spirit communication.

  We all as one fell on our faces before them and began to worship them. I have never at anytime felt an anointing as powerful and intense as this. It is an amazing thing the different effects the anointing will have on you. We had just gone through what would have been the most intense session of praise and worship I have ever known. The thunderbolt like glory of God had one small group after another struck us one and all. The angels, led by the archangels were blowing their trumpets for all they were worth. This holy heavenly jam session as I have already related went on for what would have been hundreds of years!

  Now Father and Son are connected to one another in a Spirit to Spirit connection of such a great intensity that all of us here assembled cannot even look at them but have fallen on our faces before them. I chanced to look up and could see that Jesus was still kneeling before his Father and Father had his hand on Jesus head. Yet they are enveloped in such a great light that I can barely look at them.

  All at once I heard a thunderclap above my head and saw the Holy Spirit descend in a cloud down to where the Father and Son were. He connected with the light of glory that Jesus and his Father were bonded to with each other. The Spirit of God in a cloud began to glow and shimmer with the divine fire of God. I have never seen anything like it! This cloud of glory began to expand and it covered all of us! I could here the eternal voice of the Spirit of God wooing my heart in that heavenly language of love. My Spirit is filled with not just praise and adoration but with an intense desire for union with them!

  I cannot look at them any longer and have prostrated myself before them in worship and praise. The glory cloud of God has enveloped us and I feel a holy vibrant connection with the triune God and all of these here assembled. I feel like I am being transformed into a new being! The radiant glory and power of God is changing my internal and external makeup in a new way! I see things with a clarity I never knew was possible! That grand day of ascension into Fathers kingdom has come!

Where Are We in God’s Time Table? - Rick Joyner Video | Prophetic Perspective on Current Events

Where Are We in God’s Time Table? - Rick Joyner Video Prophetic Perspective on Current Events

PA to Pay Terrorists in Israeli Prisons Salaries And Look Who is Financing It


           The Palestinian Authority passed a law last month granting all PA residents and Israeli Arabs imprisoned by Israel for terror crimes a monthly salary, Palestinian Media Watch reports.

  According to PMW, the PA has defined by law which residents and Israeli Arabs would be deemed "prisoners" as "Anyone imprisoned in the occupation's [Israel's] prisons as a result of his participation in the struggle against the occupation."

  In other words, all PA residents in Israeli prisons for terror crimes are officially added to the PA payroll. According to the definition in the PA law, PA car thieves in Israeli prisons will not receive a salary, but Hamas and Fatah terrorist murderers will.

  The PA also gives a salary to Israeli Arabs convicted of terror crimes against Israel - the country of which they are citizens. PA benefits to Israeli Arab terrorists, in fact, are greater than the ones extended to PA resident terrorists.

  Additionally, those serving more than 20-year sentences will receive a greater PA salary than prisoners serving shorter sentences, the new PA law establishes. Salaries are to be paid from the day of arrest until release.

  More than 6,000 Palestinian prisoners are currently serving time in Israeli prisons for terror-related offenses, PMW says.

  Among those now eligible are Abdullah Barghouti, serving 67 life sentences; Hassan Salameh, serving 38 life sentences; and Jamal Abu Al-Hijja, serving nine life sentences, all of whom are imprisoned for planning suicide bombings - three terrorists PMW recently reported as being called "heroic" by the official PA daily.

Who's Paying?

  PMW noted the new PA law stipulates that payment of salaries "will be implemented... on the basis of available sources of funding." When the PA is short of cash for salaries, the salaries to the prisoners will be cut.

The PA has reported that the US, the EU, France, Britain, Ireland, Norway, Japan, India and the World Bank have all given money to the PA for its general budget in 2010-2011.

  Such direct funding could be part of the "available sources" for terrorist salaries, or could free money elsewhere in the PA budget that could be used for these salaries, PMW says.

  The list provided by PMW is not exhaustive as it relies solely on reports in the official PA daily. The PA receives financial aid from many other donors as well.

  Recently, the EU announced the transfer of 45 million euros to the PA for salaries: "Some EUR 45 million of the funds from today's decision will go towards salaries and pensions of vital workers, mainly doctors, nurses and teachers."

  In November 2010, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced the transfer of an additional grant to the PA's general budget: "After the transfer of the $150 million, the sum which the American administration will have transferred as direct budgetary aid to the PA for 2010 totals $225 million."

  Although the EU, US and other donors are not intentionally funding salaries for terrorists, PMW says, their funding of other PA salaries and the budget makes money available in the general budget to pay terrorist salaries.

  This Palestinian Authority law was enacted before the recent Fatah-Hamas reconciliation agreement. It was published in the official PA Registry on April 13, 2011.


Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Day of the Lord Part Four

       I stand with the millions of redeemed of all the ages, and we have been lifted by the powerful words of our Lord Jesus Christ in praise and worship of our heavenly Father. Jesus had seated himself on the throne. Father was standing to my right in front of the platform. His face is radiating the great love and respect, which he has for his son. I could also feel his love reaching out to all of us assembled.

I turned and scanned the crowd there are so many. Our hearts are united as one in our worship and love for the triune God. The blazing fire of the Holy Spirit is covering this valley with the smoke and glory of his presence.

I turned and looked back at Jesus and his eyes were glowing with the anointing and inspiration of God. Gradually we grew silent as we all refocused our attention on our Lord.

He was clothed in the royal robes of the king that he is, and on his head he wore a golden crown. I was suddenly seized in my heart to worship him and I fell on my face before him. My reaction was not alone as on my face I could hear the millions of redeemed all falling on our collective faces before him. Not a word was being said as for a long moment we just in silence paid homage and tribute to our Lord.

Jesus seated on the throne began to address us. “Beloved we are gathered here to finish our course and to thus finish that charge that Father gave me so long ago. We have seen evil in all its forms vanquished from existence once and for all. We stand on the threshold of a new world. I and the Holy Spirit in that last task I was given of my Father have created a new world and a new universe.

I am seated here on this throne as the ruler of this kingdom I was given of my Father. All of you here gathered are not just the subjects of that kingdom but rather kings and rulers in your own right. You are this day about to move into that final act of redemption and possess the new heavens and earth we have prepared for you my children.”

Jesus stood to his feet and walked to the edge of the platform facing the crowd. He motioned to us to stand to our feet, which we all did. Standing to his left were the twenty-four elders. He turned and addressed them. “Beloved, you have borne the weight of the calling we placed on your hearts individually on earth, and in heaven as the faithful witnesses of our hearts all these hundreds of years as time was counted on earth”.

His eyes began to glow with the fire and anointing of God. It has been my privilege to witness this anointing of Jesus many times before. However the radiance and glory emanating from him at this moment is far more powerful than anything I have ever seen before. Jesus moved down off the platform and they huddled around him. My attention was drawn to Moses whom I have grown to love and respect so much. His eyes were filled with tears and his countenance reflected both the tenderness of his heart, but also the quiet dignity and anointing of his person.

I turned back to Jesus and saw that he was one by one going to each of them and whispering a few words in their ears. He then would embrace them and move on to the next. All of us who were standing as witnesses to this event were stirred and moved. All of these men, heroes of the faith, had stirred our hearts with the power of the witness they and their works had made on each of us.

Jesus turned and returned to the platform. He once more scanned the crowd from left to right. He said, “Beloved children of my Father you have endured the hardships and persecutions, each of you in your own way, of natural life. You each of you paid the price of love and obedience to find your way here. We are joined this day in that holiest of bonds one with the other. I gave myself in a divine sacrifice that forever more joined us together in Spirit.

I am the head and you are the body. My life flows in you, but it can also be said that your life flows in me. I am both God and human forever more. You were purchased by blood shed, and by faith in me redeemed from the powers of darkness forever more. All of you are united together in me”,

Jesus paused and looked over at his Father with tears in his eyes. “ My Father I have this day finished that holy commission that you gave me. These millions and millions here assembled bear witness by their very presence of this holy one. They are the fruit of my ministry and I bequeath both them and myself to you Holy Father”,

Father, his heart obviously stirred, moved up on the platform and embraced his son. My heart was moved and great joy was flooding my heart. Father ascended to the throne and sat down. Jesus fell on his knees before him and his face was aglow with the power and authority of God. I felt moved and as my master had done fell on my knees before Father. There was a bond of unity established between all of us and our Lord.

The seven archangels of God led by Michael surrounded the throne of God, which was high and lifted up. Jesus remained on his knees before Father but was saying nothing. Michael and the others raised their trumpets to their lips. Father was seated on his throne. He said nothing but he just turned and looked at Michael. The area around the throne began to glow with the fire and glory of God.

This fire enveloped Michael and the others standing there, and all seven began to reflect the glory of God as it enveloped them. They blew their trumpets with all their might. The very ground of this valley began to shake under us with the anointing of God. All the others and I fell on our faces before God. My heart is moved to worship. I looked over to the altar where the Holy Spirit had been resting and the great light and fire of his eternal presence had enveloped the altar upon which he had been resting.

The fire of the Holy Spirits glory just consumed the altar itself! He moved in a pillar of fire above the throne of God. I could see in the midst of the fire the seven spirits of God. What a wondrous sight to behold! Jesus was kneeling before Father. The seven archangels formed a circle around the throne, which was lifted up above their heads. They were enveloped in the glory radiating from Father sitting on his throne. They continued to blow their trumpets with great power and glory.

Father was sitting on his throne and although I could see the outlines of his form they were enveloped in such a great light that even in my redeemed body standing here it was difficult to see beyond the light surrounding his body. I looked above the throne and saw the Pillar of fire of the Holy Spirit.

Within the fire I saw the seven Spirits of God and they all at once began to sing. John saw them in his revelation and called them the seven thunders of God.

They are singing as only they can. Like thunderclaps their voices are both beautiful and powerful. I like John before me am not permitted to write down what they are saying, however I can say that they in their singing are releasing a great anointing that is filling this valley and all of us here assembled. I heard a great choir singing and looking above the pillar of fire I saw millions and millions of seraphim angels all singing songs of praise and worship to God.

It has been my privilege to see scenes much like this one in the throne room of God. Yet I must admit I have never witnessed the power, glory, and anointing that I am seeing now. This scene of glory that we were all beholding was having the most profound effect on all of us here. I felt no fear whatsoever. Instead my heart yearned for my Father, and all the others and I worshipped him with all our might.

  The seven Spirits of God were leading this song of worship and praise. The seraphim choirs of angels were following their lead, as were we all, as we worshiped our Lord and our God. The glory that we felt began to resonate within us. Pillars of fire, like lighting bolts, shot out of the pillar of fire of the Holy Spirit. I turned and followed one such discharge and saw that it had hit one group of saints of about a thousand or so.

It did not harm them in any way, quite the contrary; they were enveloped in a great anointing of fire and light. I saw one by one the Holy Spirit discharge these bolts of glory and strike first this group and then another. My heart rejoiced when I saw one hit the twenty-four elders. It brought such joy to my heart. I could see them all and my heart was particularly moved in seeing Moses and Enoch enveloped in the glory.

  All at once a bolt struck a group very close to us and the glory of that fire drove me to my knees. Just being close to it is discharging a fire of worship in my heart. Then it happened we were struck. I have never felt anything like it. I am enveloped in the glory and fire of God. My entire being has been transformed by the energy and force of the Holy Spirit. I feel inside like a giant tuning fork. I have been transformed into one big instrument of praise and worship.

  I am connected by this fire to the throne and the one on the throne. I began to sing a new song of redemption. I am in a Spirit to spirit connection not only with God, but everyone else also. I believe billons of redeemed saints and angels are connected as one in praising and worshiping almighty God!

  We are many but through this divine connection of the Holy Spirit I am connected and feel the power, love, and passion of every individual assembled here. What rapture! What Joy! The day of Father’s glory is here!

A Frail But Honest Testimony

A Frail But Honest Testimony

Netanyahu's Moment of Truth is Now


       Predictably no sooner had Barack Obama finished his speech on the Middle East, then Americans for Peace Now, via its CEO Donna Delee, endorsed it on the spot.

It is uncertain whether the greater motivation was Pavlovian salivation over the word 'peace', Obama worship, reflexive Bibi bashing or an equal combination of the three.

What Ms. DeLee overlooked was that the Obama speech went further in the direction of the Palestinians than even the extremely delusional Geneva process mounted by the Israeli left.

The position of the Israeli left at Geneva was that a grand bargain (as if a withdrawal to indefensible lines and making Jerusalem the nation's capital even more vulnerable than Sderot could be considered a bargain) would be struck:

In return for an Israeli territorial surrender of Judea and Samaria, the Palestinian side would accept closure and would sign away its demands for a "right of return " of the perpetual Palestinian refugees to the territory of sovereign Israel. Another assumption of the left was that a Palestinian state would be demilitarized, although we have already seen how effective promises of demilitarization have been in South Lebanon and in the Palestinian Authority.

Now Barack Obama has handed a posthumous victory to Yasser Arafat. Arafat at Camp David in the year 2000 spurned Ehud Barak's grand bargain of total Israeli withdrawal in return for renouncing the right of return in the belief that ultimately he could secure an Israeli withdrawal without conceding anything.

Barack Obama has now prioritized Israeli withdrawal while leaving the Arab refugee issue unresolved. If this would happen, it means that Israel will have surrendered the territories while the Arabs retain a casus belli and can still invoke dead relics such as resolution 194 from 1949 calling for the return of the refugees.

This, as any simpleton knows, is tantamount to Israel's extinction. For the Israeli and Jewish left to endorse this formula proves that the left has no red lines.

Obama's speech also includes a "creative term" that is not recognized by international law. Instead of demilitarization the Obama address speaks of non-militarization. This admits plenty of undefined room for the Palestinians even before their expected evasion of the treaty. Under Oslo, the Palestinians were already allowed a strong police force which became a de facto army of 40,000 men. This was under demilitarization, so what can we expect under the nonexistent term of non-militarization?

I normally accord a great deal of respect to Hagai Huberman's views published in the Hebrew edition and translated here on Israel National News. Huberman advises Netanyahu to wait for a Palestinian rejection because some terms will be rejected by them.

  In this case I must disagree with Huberman. Hamas has already rejected the speech but Mahmoud Abbas is temporizing. I expect the Palestinians to endorse it, but even if they reject it so what?

  The entire negotiations history, from UN Security Council resolution 242 on, has demonstrated two things: when the Palestinians reject a compromise proposal they are eventually offered an even more attractive deal; when Israel offers major concessions, as Binyamin Netanyahu did in his recent Knesset speech, these are damned with faint praise and the call is for further concessions.

  The "price" that the Palestinians paid for rejecting the Clinton proposals in 2000 is an Obama speech that goes further in their direction and does not exact a penalty for their perfidy and launch of the Oslo war a.k.a. the Second intifada.

  One should also pay attention to the subtext. "The world is tired of the conflict". It wants a fix - any fix - and since the Arabs won't budge, the obvious policy is to lean on Israel.

  Netanyahu has no alternative but to respectfully but vigorously reject the terms of the address. From the roadmap on, words and Israeli policy of yes have eventually become yes with no if's or but's.

  Finally, if Netanyahu, in order to create the illusion of harmony refrains from challenging the address and confronting Obama head on, he would be undercutting Israel's allies in the United States. Republican presidential hopefuls Mitt Romney and Tim Pawlenty have already harshly condemned the administration sellout of Israel, with Romney calling it "throwing Israel under the bus".

  It would be one thing if they were wrong and were merely grandstanding for political gain. But Romney's description is dead right and Israel must back up its friends. What politician will prove willing to stick his neck out in the future, only to see Israel cave in and make him appear ludicrous.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Day of the Lord Part Three

           I and millions of others are standing together in the valley of eternity. We are silent witnesses of that grand event of the ages the birthing of the kingdom of God. I say silent because this huge throng of millions and millions are at present standing in the presence of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ as he addresses us.

  I love and adore him so very much. It has been many years now that he and I have spent time together. In a very real sense I have known him for forty-eight years or ever since my conversion as a small child. I have always been a recipient of his love and mercy, but the last sixteen years have been so very special. For it was sixteen years ago in an open vision that I first saw and heard him, and there have been hundreds of hours of time since then that I have spent with him.

  Yet in all those years no time has been more special than where I am right now. Jesus has a large smile on his face. He is at present scanning the crowd from right to left his face aglow with the anointing and joy of this moment. He said, “Beloved, the hour has come, and the day of glory is here. Long ago Father gave me a divine holy charge that led to your redemption and salvation. Today I would share with you my heart. When Adam fell it came as no surprise to us.

  We knew before man was ever created that he would fall. We three {The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit} had entered into a divine covenant with each other way back before time began. It was the desire of all our hearts to have a holy family through whom our message of love, compassion, and divine brotherhood would be established”. His eyes are glistening with the power and glory of God.

   A holy light is radiating from his eyes as he speaks. I turned and for a brief moment looked at the faces of those standing with me in my immediate company. All their faces display the love and adoration for Jesus that I myself am feeling at this present time. I turned my attention back to the master as he continued to address us. “My children it was a difficult thing to watch the transformation of the human race made by the introduction of sin and death.

  I still remember when this evil first made its appearance in the heart of Lucifer. He was not content to walk with us in the fire of our glory, but his heart became inflamed with that unholy passion for power and glory. Thusly his heart was eternally corrupted by the sin and death that consumed him. He was the Father and architect of spiritual darkness and death. He through the fall of man was able to sow the seeds of sin throughout the human race.

  My heart was grieved as this wickedness took hold in the hearts of all mankind. I saw the evil passions of sin rise up and destroy every vestige of godliness and virtue from the hearts of all men and women. Slowly over time man began to forget us and even the memories of who and what we were was forgotten. The world of men was corrupted and the world became more and more evil. The thoughts, desires, and impulses that directed each individual within the human race were corrupted”.

  Jesus eyes were filled with tears and for a brief moment he wept and our hearts were filled with compassion and love for him. After a few moments he lifted his head and said, “Beloved the compassion and love that each of you felt for me just now was beyond the comprehension of fallen man. Their hearts were filled with the greed, avarice, and lust for power that sin empowers the human heart with. Mercy was seen as weakness and selflessness as foolish.

  Yes our hearts were grieved as both individually and collectively you began to prey on one another. Nations were driven by the evil ambitions of corrupted leaders to plunder and destroy those all around them. Their hearts were driven by the unholy quest for power, and the weaknesses of their neighbors was seen as something to be taken advantage of. Yet even in this fallen state there was in the hearts of fallen man a hunger to find and worship God.

  Yet this desire was corrupted by sin, for mankind had by and large lost the ability because of the corruption within to find and know us. Instead demon spirits infused in the human heart a false image of God, and men began to openly worship the evil spirits that were the source of their daily inspiration in life. All of this tore at our hearts but I knew that in the long run the forces of hell would be defeated for Father had a plan. It was birthed in the bosom of the greatest heart that has ever been known.

  Perfect love my children will by its very nature overcome evil. For within the heart of perfect love dwells the divine ideals of sacrifice and love for which evil has no ability to withstand or even comprehend. Sin had by the fall germinated in the hearts of mankind and produced a crop of selfishness driven by lust and ruthlessness. Into this maelstrom of evil a new ideal was born. It was a simple ideal but one born out of our great love for the race of men.

  Satan had for thousands of years corrupted the human race. Yet all of his plans and ambitions, his demonically inspired transformation of the human heart was ultimately destroyed by one simple ideal. It was an ideal for which the sin and evil that had transformed him from the inside did not allow him to even foresee. That ideal my children was birthed in the heart of the greatest force for love and compassion that can be known. John wrote it down in his gospel and it is contained in four little words”.

  At this moment Jesus stopped speaking and we all stood their transfixed by the power and force of his words. I was as always busily writing down all that he was saying but the mere recitation of them can never transfer the power and emotion with which he spoke. All during this time his words were powerfully driven home to us by not just their content but by the force of emotion and passion by which he delivered them. At times his tone was soft and loving, at other times his words brought us to tears because the grief and pain of what he was saying was so obviously displayed. Just now as he was speaking of this ideal his words were coming to us like thunder.

  He stood their for a long moment and we were both filled with love for him and inspired by the force and magnetic power of the greatest orator the world had ever known. His face was soft and his expression very gentle as he continued. He spoke these next few words almost in a whisper and the power and anointing that reached out to us by them were magnified by how he said them. He leaned forward for emphasis as he tenderly and lovingly delivered them.

  “Beloved I would share with you the greatest ideal that has ever been known or ever shall be known. It was an ideal that led to my virgin birth and ultimately to the cross. Four simple words birthed in Father’s heart that John said so powerfully in his gospel. Four simple words that because they came from the heart of the noblest and purest heart in all existence forever changed the world for all time”. He again stopped for a brief moment as my heart was beating so fast, and my spirit was inflamed with a holy passion beyond anything I had ever known before.

  “Yes beloved all of you are standing here today because of the force and power of these four little words”. Again Jesus stopped and leaned forward again. “ These four little words that stand as an eternal monument to the power, glory, and authority of almighty God. Four words expressed as only Father could say and feel them. Four words that destroyed the kingdom of darkness once and for all, for captured within them are expressed the greatest ideals ever known.

  They were the driving force for all I did in my earth walk in the world of man. Beloved of my Father these four words are so simply said but they shook the kingdom of darkness to the lowest hell. These four words that birthed the kingdom of God are these, for God so loved. Yes beloved the love of Father’s heart is the greatest most powerful force that has ever been known”. Jesus stood straight up, and lifted his hands above his head, and he at the same moment turned and made eye-to-eye contact with his Father. Tears were rolling down his cheeks and the emotions of love and adoration he had engendered in our hearts for Father were indescribable.

  At this moment he said with a voice of thunder, “ Beloved children of your Father, raise your voices with mine in praise and adoration to that noblest of hearts. Let your hearts sing and rejoice because God so loved.

  Let your Father hear and see by your expressions of love and devotion on this glorious day how much you love and adore him.”

  We all as one raised our voices in a thunderous outburst of love and worship for our Father. I have never seen anything like it. Michael and the other seven archangels were blowing their trumpets, as were all the other millions of angels present. Tears of joy and worship were flowing from my eyes. Every individual present in this valley whither angel or human raised our voices in praise and adoration of our Father. I looked at the altar where the fire of the Holy Spirit sat and looking above I could see the seven Spirits of God all seven were singing as only they can.

  What joy is filling my heart and the hearts of all the others here so gathered. Jesus had all during this time been standing on the platform, his eyes scanning the crowd, his eyes reflecting not only his love for all of us,
but also his holy passion and love for Father. Oh what a wondrous day! How great and powerful is the lord our God!

What Will an Economic Meltdown Look Like? - Rick Joyner Video | Prophetic Perspective on Current Events

What Will an Economic Meltdown Look Like? - Rick Joyner Video Prophetic Perspective on Current Events

Pressure On Israel Mounts As Qatar To Chair UN General Assembly During PA Bid For Statehood

           Nasr Abdul Aziz al Nassir, the head of Qatar's permanent mission to the United Nations, has been endorsed by Asian member-countries to be president of the 66th United Nations General Assembly, Qatar News Agency reports.

  Al Nassir's endorsement comes as Palestinian Authority leaders continue their unilateral tack, seeking UN recognition of a PA state based on 1948 armistice lines when the General Assembly convenes in September.

  QNA described al Nassir's "a testimony to the growing stature of Qatar in the world today."

  Al Nassir, speaking on Qatar Foundation radio, said he expected to be formally elected in mid-June as the president of the 66th session of the General Assembly. He would officially assume his year-long position on September 14.

Al Nassir's election is little more than a formality as the Arab League, Organization of African Unity, and Asian Muslim nations traditionally vote in tandem. The endorsement of other Asian nations gives Al Nassir a certain majority.

  Al Nassir was pitted against the current adviser of Nepal's prime minister, but he won a secret vote held by the Group of Asian State Members.

  "The 66th session is one of the most defining in the United Nation's history and has a number of complicated issues on the agenda, with disarmament being the foremost," he said.

  Nassir noted three issues, other than the United Nations perennial budget concerns, he wished to address: the re-drafting and expansion of the security council, reaching international consensus on a definition of terrorism, and a solution for what he termed the "Palestinian crisis."

  The Arab League, of which Qatar is a member, has endorsed PA moves for a unilateral declaration in the UN.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Day of the Lord Part Two

              Millions of others and I stand transfixed and silent in the valley of eternity. Jesus stood to his feet and with an expression of love and joy scanned the crowd from right to left. I am standing close to the front and in the middle and as he looked over us felt he looked me right in the eye as his gaze passed over me. I instantly realized that not only was this true but was also true somehow for everyone in the valley.

  Although it has been my privilege to both see and be with Jesus on numerous occasions; I had never seen him look or appear more regal than at this moment. My heart went out to him and I realized that it had all been worth it, whatever the price I had paid to be able to be here at this time and share this with him and every one else.

  Jesus raised his arms and began to speak “Welcome beloved to this time of universal joy and fellowship. For the day of union and unity has come. Today you shall enter into that eternal rest reserved for the righteous sons and daughters of God for the day of Fathers blessing and kingdom is here. I bless you and stand before you as a vessel totally committed to Fathers wish and will.”

  He paused and with love and reverence so evident in his eyes looked at his Father and said “ My Father you gave me a kingdom and with it a command to build a family that your eternal purposes and will would be accomplished. The sons and daughters here assembled and I are witnesses of that divine covenant that you and I have shared. I have given them your word, and through that divine union that you and I have shared they also know you and love and adore you as I do.”

  With these words Father stepped up on the platform and put his arms around the son in an embrace of love and affection that affected us all. They stood there holding each other and both were weeping an expression of affection for what each had gone through to reach this moment.

  The effect this had on each of us here gathered was profound. My eyes filled with tears and I fell to my knees and began to worship them. I looked around and saw that all here were doing the same thing. It was a beautiful thing to be a witness of the divine heart of love being shared between Father and Son, and I felt an inner witness inside that gave a fresh realization as if I needed it of just how much I loved and adored them.

  After some little time Father said “Son this is also your hour to finish the task you started “and with this he left the platform.

  The twenty-four elders had also left the platform leaving Jesus alone and I must admit I was quite overwhelmed at that moment as I gazed at him. In my minds eye I thought back to Calvary and the judgment and pain he had endured. My fate would have been far different if it had not been for the solitary figure standing alone before us. All the millions of souls here assembled each had a different story, each had in his or her own way made their way here and we owed it all to Jesus.

  His royal regal and beautiful spirit was connected to all of us and we to him. He was our king; our Lord, our master and all our hearts were connected in a holy union of love and adulation for him. My mind raced through the events of my life and the times I had suffered. Yet so many of those here assembled had suffered far greater than I.

Yet with all that none of us had suffered as he had. He had been stripped not only of his divine glory when he came to earth but in his earth walk had endured the slights, jealousy and unbelief of those for whom he had come to save. He who had been willing by the great love he had for us endured it all and the end result was now here for all to see. All of us had a separate story but we were all connected by that divine thread of Calvary to the gentle Nazarene we were beholding at this moment.

 These were my inner thoughts as we stood before him. Thank God for the salvation he had purchased for us that day! Thank God that we all here assembled had been transformed by not just the wondrous power of God into sons and daughters of God; but the transformation itself had been accomplished and brought forth by the divine heart of love of our beloved master and Lord. We had been unlovable but as the blood of Jesus washed away our sins it also transformed us from creatures of darkness into the loving image of he who was standing before us.

  The blood of Jesus like a gentle summer rain had gently and lovingly washed away the guilt and sin that had been ours; yet he had done far more than this. He had healed those inner wounds and sorrows. He stilled the voices of sorrow and grief, the rage if you will that courses through the souls of all mankind. From the moment I met him an inner transformation had begun. He has always been there in the moments of my greatest sorrow, deepest remorse, and darkest inner conflict. It was his voice his hand that had stilled the storms that raged in my heart.

  I could not count the times when all seemed lost and I like the disciples found myself cast upon the roaring waves of my life’s greatest turmoil. In these times it was he who came walking to me on the waves of my inner consternation, and by his love and mere presence calmed the storms and set this oppressed heart free. My heart in a spasm of inner grief is reminded of all the times I failed him, all the times I had walked away in sin and yes sometimes in deliberate rebellion. Yet like the first time I had met him he never once was not there for me not once had ever failed me.

  He gave me love when I least deserved it, compassion when my heart needed it the most and deserved it the least. In the day-to-day living out of my life by his love, example and kind guiding hand he transformed me. So if I can now love, if the tears of compassion can run down my cheeks at the suffering of another, if my hand and heart can in any way be reached out to some poor lost soul, it is only because he has little by little done his work in me and by the light of his grace changed my heart.

  I found myself standing in this valley with millions of others each of us with a story all our own but each changed and linked to Jesus. We one and all here assembled were secure in the knowledge that he had not only forgiven us at Calvary, but loved us with an abiding love all of our natural lives. Here we stood about to enter Father’s kingdom and it was all the result of the love and compassion of one man, one God, one Lord our Lord.

  All these thoughts and emotions were racing through my mind in a moment’s time as my heart reached out to Jesus with an inward love for him that overwhelmed me. All at once I was made aware by that spiritual union we were all feeling for him at that moment that each individual soul in the millions and millions here assembled felt the same way I did.

  A roar of love, praise, and adoration swept through the valley as millions of souls began to shower down on our beloved swells of devotion. It was the greatest demonstration of affection for someone I had ever seen. We all were here because of him; we owed our very existence to him. Yet in this moment none of us were even thinking about the kingdom that was being established on this day. Lost from our minds was any thought of reward or eternal life.

  We were all united as one in our love and adulation for Jesus. All that mattered was we somehow had to let him know just how precious and beautiful he was to each heart here assembled.

  Jesus stood before us and tears were running down his cheeks. It was obvious that he was moved by our love and affection that we were reaching out to him in a verbal witness of praise and devotion cascading and echoing off the hillsides all around us as we could not begin to shower him with the love he deserved. All praise and glory to our Lord and King for he is worthy!

The Economy and the Japanese Earthquake - Rick Joyner Video | Prophetic Perspective on Current Events

The Economy and the Japanese Earthquake - Rick Joyner Video Prophetic Perspective on Current Events

Muslim Brotherhood seeks end to 'peace' accord with Israel


     The chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt has called on the country's next parliament to review the 1978 Camp David Peace Accords with Israel, which led to the 1979 peace treaty between the two countries and the establishment of diplomatic relations in 1980, according to a report from Joseph Farah's G2 Bulletin.

In addressing the issue of Palestinians who launched demonstrations on the "al-Naqba," or catastrophe, which they call the creation of Israel, Mohamed Badie urged the Egyptian parliament to review the accords, end diplomatic recognition between the two countries and cancel the natural gas agreement Egypt has with Israel.

In addition, Badie intends to work for the permanent opening of the Rafah crossing point with the Gaza Strip from Egypt in an effort to end the issue of securing the borders of the "Zionists."

The Muslim Brotherhood chairman's appeal comes just as U.S. President Barack Obama intends to give a new message on the Middle East following the death of al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden to assure Muslims that the U.S. supports democratic change across the Middle East and North Africa, although some critics question that motive.

The last time Obama gave a speech about Muslims, he presented it in 2009 at Al-Azhar University in Cairo, Egypt – where the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood is based.

Just as Badie called for ending the Camp David Peace Accords, Frank Gaffney, who is president of the Washington-based Center for Security Policy, warned that if the Brotherhood comes to power in Egypt and in some 13 other countries, there is no chance that U.S. – and by extension Israel's – interests will be served in an Obama outreach to Muslims.

  He said that the reality of reaching out to such entities as the Brotherhood can be seen in the "jihadist nature" of the Ikhwan, or brotherhood.

  "While some have claimed the organization is non-violent and, in the words of Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, even 'largely secular' – the most cursory examination of the Muslim Brotherhood's own words makes clear that such assertions are unfounded, and dangerously so," Gaffney said.

  Badie's most recent comments seem to bear out Gaffney's observation but may have popular appeal inside Egypt.

  "It represents an ideological position that may appeal to large swaths of the Egyptian population," said Emad Gad, head of the Israeli studies program at Al-Ahram Center for Political and Strategic Studies in Cairo.

  Badie said that the Camp David Peace Accords had lost all credibility and he described them as not complying with the rulings of Islam. He also claimed that they were prone to "disaster" since the text of the accords was "full of uncertainties."

Monday, May 23, 2011

The Day of the Lord Part One

       I was caught up in the spirit and found myself standing on a mountain over looking a valley. I saw below me the New Jerusalem that future city of God and the glory and power radiating out of it brought me to my knees. Hot tears began to trickle down my face and my heart was moved in a way and in a depth I have never known before. Standing beside me were both of my two friends Moses and Elijah.

  Moses looked at me and said “ Michael you have been in the cave in deep intercession for the dark days yet to come. Today it is Father’s will to both show you and implant within your heart an inner vision and understanding of that which is yet to come.”

   Elijah knelt down beside me and stood me to my feet. He said, “The event you are about to witness is most holy. In fact it is the most holy event other than our Lords death that shall ever be”.

    I turned and looked at the city and felt in my heart a pulling a calling that was stronger and more intense than any thing I have ever felt before. Elijah looked at me with that intensity of devotion that I had grown to respect so greatly in him. In my mind I began to reflect on the spiritual bond and connection that had formed between Elijah and I. He and I had spent the last six days in deep intercession in the cave by the sea of light. It had been six days here on earth but in heaven where there is no time it had been a time of intense prayer.

  I reflected on Elijah and all I had seen and been drawn to during those days. I thought I knew what intercession was all about but Elijah brought an intensity and devotion to it unlike anything I had seen before. He is an intense, emotional man and he prays the same way he ministers with fire and conviction. Yet he also has a great heart and capacity for love. I watched as he implored Father to have his way in the coming days, and in my minds eye reflected on our time together. My heart had been also drawn into that devotion of prayer and supplication that Father had laid on our hearts. We were united in our resolute purpose and devotion to Father and during our time of intercession a deep spiritual bond had grown between us.

  Yet today I stand on the mountain of God looking down into the valley and see the glory of that heavenly city of God that is yet to come. I could not begin to describe the wonder of it but it was by far the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. Spires on top of buildings ascended into the sky and the whole city was enveloped in the light and glory of God.

  Yet it also in a way I could not understand was calling to my heart and I felt a strong drawing to it. My spirit longed for the city with an intense passion.

  Moses spoke to me and said “ Michael we feel as you do. It shall be shown to you the plan of Father for all the ages and you must both experience this and write it down that others may follow and see with a clarity of vision. Come let us descend into the valley.”

  With that the three of us climbed down the hillside into the valley and I was instantly aware that a great crowd was assembled there also.

  Elijah said “ Michael this is an assembly of all the redeemed of all the ages all gathered here in grand celebration for when this day comes the plan and purposes of Father for all the ages shall be seen and understood. Blessed are those who shall find themselves here on this day for these are those whom the Son has redeemed by his blood, and shall now enter the kingdom that shall yet come but of which you are a witness to this day.”

  My spirit is alive with a holy anticipation for here assembled are an innumerable throng all assembled together in a joyous celebration of that which is about to occur. Moses and Elijah have left me and I find myself as just one of the multitude. We are all wearing white robes and the air is charged with a spirit of worship and praise.

  Down in front of all of us was a glorious throne and altar. A small group of individuals had gathered down in front. I noticed that two of them were Moses and Elijah. there were several others also and one of their number walked up on the raised platform that the throne was set upon. I knew in my spirit that this was Abraham. His face shone with the glory and anticipation of the moment.

  His voice was strong and anointed. “My children the day has finally come and Father has this day fulfilled his promise that he gave to me all those years ago. For here you all stand Jew and Gentile all members of the household of faith and all my spiritual or natural children. As Father promised me you are as the stars of the sky or the sand of the seashore. A great host without number and all of us are gathered here to celebrate and rejoice in Father’s presence. The day of his glory has come and we shall both see and participate with them as sons and daughters of God.”

  Then twenty-three others joined him on this platform and I knew at once these were the twenty-four elders spoken of in the book of revelation. They stood behind Abraham as silent witnesses of all that he was saying. I noted that Moses and Elijah were included in their number.

  Abraham continued, “As the spiritual father of all here I have been chosen to speak for all of us on this platform. Today we shall see the kingdom of God in its fullness and the dream of Fathers heart accomplished. Saints of all the ages, all of you here assembled have demonstrated in your earth walk with the Lord your love and devotion for the triune God. Today we shall with one voice and united hearts raise our voices in praise and adoration.

  Worship the Lord our God for the time has come when we shall walk into that kingdom Father has prepared for the redeemed of all time”.

  With this Abraham ceased speaking and we all turned and saw millions of angels enter the valley. All of them dressed in white as we were. Each angel was carrying a trumpet. They were all marching in perfect military precision. Legion after legion of angels marched past me and began to form a circle around those of us assembled.

  This went on for quite some time. I turned and looked around me and all the saints were greatly moved by what was happening. Each of us in our own way was quietly worshipping the Lord. At last all were assembled. I looked at the platform and the twenty-four elders were all standing in rapt attention and anticipation. All were completely silent and as I looked around me a more wonderful assembly I could not imagine.

  All of the angels then raised their trumpets to their lips and for a moment just stood there silently waiting. They had all raised their trumpets to their lips as in one single motion. The sound of millions and millions of angels all in one motion raising their trumpets to their lips was quite impressive.

The twenty-four elders stepped forward.

  The apostle Peter one of their number shouted “ to the glory of our Father and the Lamb we sons and daughters of God raise our voices in praise. Saints of God join me in raising our voices in worship to our Lord and Father and his Son and the Holy Spirit of truth”.

  At that moment all the angels of God blew their trumpets with a deafening roar and at that same time the millions and millions of saints stood and began to shout out words of praise and adoration to God.

  Then the cloud of the Holy Spirit descended and filled the valley with his glory. The cloud of his glory filled the valley with the scent of the divine. He sat down as a pillar of fire on the altar in front of the throne. The glory cloud of the Spirit completely filled the valley in which we were all assembled. What a sight!

  There were so many here that like this valley they seemed to stretch on into infinity. The sound of all these voices and the angels all blowing their trumpets filled my heart with joy. The smoke of the Holy Spirit settled on each of us and the scent of the smoke was both sweet and perfumed. The effect on me was to bring to my heart joy and praise. The Spirit filled all of us one by one with the love and compassion of God. Yet we also were made aware that we were in union with each other in a perfect union

  Our hearts are joined one to another in perfect unity. I looked to my right and saw a saint of God overcome by all we were experiencing and we both in a sudden spasm of joy wrapped our arms around each other in a grand celebration of joy. At that time we both knew we had made it and Fathers kingdom was about to be birthed into existence and we were entering into it. You would have to be there to describe the feeling that was sweeping through that valley at that time. I looked all around me and saw the billions and billions of redeemed all praising God, surrounded by the angels all blowing their trumpets.

  In front of us were the 24 elders and I noticed that thrones had been set in place for each of them. Yet they were not sitting on them but rather like all of us were standing in praise and adoration. This went on for quite some time my heart was flooded with the joy of the kingdom, and the love we all were feeling for each other and our Lord. I might add it was obvious that the twenty-four elders were in positions of authority. Yet even so there was no sense that they held positions of authority over us, as one would expect on earth. On the contrary I respected them immensely for who they were but Iwas not filled with any sense of intimidation. They were connected to all of us and we to them. They and we were the blood bought servants of God.

  Then it suddenly grew very quiet and we saw the seven archangels of God enter the valley. I had never seen them look so anointed as today. They walked one by one in single file with Michael in front down to the altar and took their places around the throne of God. This place is not the throne in heaven but a new place with a new reality and a new kingdom about to be established.

  The archangels were all in place and the Father and Son entered the valley together. They were dressed in the most beautiful royal robes and attire I had ever seen. My heart began to fill and tears of joy and worship flowed from my eyes as I reflected on all the sacrifices they had endured to see the fulfillment of this day.

  They came to the front and as they came to the altar and throne Jesus ascended the throne and sat down on it. All the elders threw their crowns before him and fell on their faces before him. Father was standing in front of the throne looking up at his Son with a love and adoration for him that anyone looking at him could not avoid seeing. We all began to worship Jesus.

  The twenty-four elders cried, “this is the lamb of God who has taken the sins of the world unto himself and has by his blood purchased eternal salvation and shall rule and reign forever”.

  It was not just the elders but all of us assembled were on our knees before Jesus. He looked so beautiful and glorious. Never have I felt such love and devotion for Jesus as I was feeling at this moment.

  How wonderful and glorious is the Lamb of God. We could not even here raise our voices in praise that could even remotely give him the praise and worship he deserved. All this time while we were worshipping Jesus, Father was standing to one side in front of the throne. His face was a reflection of happiness and joy. Jesus then stood to his feet and raised his hand and the millions and millions of voices all grew silent all at once. Our hearts were filled with a silent joy and contemplation, as we in silence waited to see what he would say to us.


Nakba Day clashes are a precursor to declaration of PA State in September


      Israel's current status at the United Nations is at an all-time low, Israel's former UN ambassador, Prof. Gabriela Shalev, said yesterday at a session of the Knesset's Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee. Also speaking at the meeting, former Mossad chief Efraim Halevy said that peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians are currently impossible.

  "Israel has no chance of dealing with the Palestinian move in the General Assembly," Shalev said, discussing the Palestinians' expected declaration of statehood after a UN vote this September. "The United States is not interested in vetoing the UN's recognition of a Palestinian state." Shalev added that the UN is today the foremost place for activity against Israel.

  Former Mossad chief Halevy said Israel's "maneuvering space is growing narrower," while the ability of the Quartet - the U.S., Russia, UN and European Union - to "affect the peace talks is diminishing.

  "The existing situation is a non-starter," he added, saying that what Israel has wanted for the last two years can't now come to fruition: "We can't reach a permanent peace deal because the person who would sign the deal is not the same person who would need to carry it out," Halevy said.

  Committee chairman MK Shaul Mofaz warned that Sunday's Nakba Day clashes are a precursor to the events expected in September, when the Palestinian Authority intends to unilaterally declare a state in the UN.

  "Israel's government is hiding its head in the sand," Mofaz said. "Without a peace initiative, events like the one on the Syrian border will recur in September.

  "The changes here are tectonic," he added. "The events are a precursor to the September events, which could come in waves against Israel's population."

  Mofaz said Israel should not have waited for Sunday's clashes to understand that the reality in the Middle East has changed.

  "The present government, headed by Netanyahu, isn't initiating anything," Mofaz said, adding that the Israeli government must be prepared for any situation come September.

  Former head of the Military Intelligence Maj. Gen. Aharon Ze'evi-Farkash said "the government will negotiate with any government that adheres to the two-states-for-two-peoples principle. The Quartet's principles must be applied to the continued process, building an atmosphere of peace and reconciliation." He said the Palestinians also must accept the principle of one law, one authority, and one army.

  The committee said it will ask Defense Minister Ehud Barak and top defense officials to attend a meeting to "explain" the army's failure in dealing with the Palestinians who crossed the Syrian border into Israel on Sunday.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Comming Storm Part Two

       Inside this cave in which I find myself I think I think feel somewhat how Noah felt. All around me I hear the winds and storms of coming tribulation. I can hear the cries of millions of souls crying out in desperation. Yet somehow though surrounded by so much distress on the outside I feel somehow safe and secure in this cave.

  I have spent the last two days in deep intercession. My spirit is troubled by my connection to the events yet to come.Yet I know this is just the beginning of this season of judgment that Jesus spoke of. I say all this because I hear a violent storm going on that has gripped my soul and yet when I look outside the entrance to my cave I see only sunshine and the beauty of heaven. My spirit however is hearing a violent storm blowing and is picking up the sounds of it. It almost seems that even though I am caught up in the Spirit to even be in this cave I am also somehow connected to this storm that is blowing somewhere else also.My heart is moved and I know nothing else to do at this moment but to alternately pray and also to listen to all this that I am connected to.

  This has been going on for days and my spirit has a sensitivity to understanding and prophetic inspiration and understanding that goes beyond what I normally feel when I am just on earth, I stood up as I heard the
sound of someone approaching the entrance to my cave. Someone I had never met was standing in the doorway. He was tall with a muscular build. He also like Moses had an aura of anointing that you could instantly feel. Yet where Moses had such a sweet gentile nature this man’s anointing almost made me drop to my knees for I felt the awesome power of God both for compassion and judgment emanating from him.

  My heart was all at once consumed with a reverential fear of the Lord. He walked over to me and upon closer inspection I could see a fire in his eyes and fierceness of expression that had an immediate effect on me. He smiled and embraced me and both the warmth of his embrace and the obvious compassion of his heart demonstrated to me I had nothing to fear. We both went over to the wall and sat down with are backs resting against it.

  He spoke to me and said, “Michael I have heard much about you from our mutual friend Moses. I am Elijah and Father has sent me to you to begin the next phase of that spiritual training and understanding he would implant in your heart”.

  He spoke with a clarity of purpose and though his anointing and demeanor were quite different from Moses I almost instantly felt a strong sense of loyalty and devotion to him.

  “Michael as you can already sense both Moses and I are quite different but we have some things in common. We both have walked in the anointing fire of God but for different purposes. His was the anointing to lead and build the nation of Israel and lead them into the Promised Land. My calling was to prepare the people for the coming judgment of God that was to soon strike the nation. I was used of Father to demonstrate to the people of God the wickedness within their land and to open their eyes to the truth. Father used me in several ways. I was given the anointing of judgment for the nation yet this judgment was for a purpose and as a witness to the people of the awesome power and authority of Father.”

Elijah then stood to his feet and began to pace back and forth in our little cave and continued to speak all the while his face and gestures were quite animated and energetic.No one would ever confuse he and Moses in style or manner yet I sensed in him that same sense of devotion to the triune God that I had seen in Moses.

“ Michael the miracles I was used of God to perform were not random acts or demonstrations of God’s power but were designed by the Lord to show his people certain things. I was used of God to speak a word of judgment that it would not rain until I gave the word again that it begin to rain again. Father’s heart is mercy, but when a nation or people in the blind arrogance of their hearts turn from him, he will send his true prophets to speak to the people and show them plainly that judgment has come to their land. It is because of the hardness of their hearts and the sin in their lives that it has happened.”

He then stopped and bent down to me and looked deeply and intently into my eyes.

He said “Michael the Lord is going in this day to send out a new generation of prophets and apostles that shall walk in that anointing reserved for this hour. These shall be a light of intense revelation and glory in the earth. They shall show all mankind both the love of God for the world but shall walk in an anointing to both bless and curse in a way never seen before. They will stand as sentinels of light to a wicked and perverse generation.

  Father shall do exploits through his people in this day and hour and establish his eternal plan and purposes. He shall show the world he is God almighty. Many in the world shall follow that evil one who is soon to come. the righteous servants of God’s glory shall demonstrate to all that the triune God Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are both Lord and God and shall reign for ever and ever”.

  As I listened to Elijah minister and teach me my heart swelled and my spirit rejoiced at his words. His is a voice of fire and inner conviction in much the way the old time preachers of God in my youth spoke with a voice of thunder and oratory prowess. Yet no preacher I have ever heard could match the fire and conviction of this powerful voice of God. His manner and demeanor is so different than Moses but that inward witness in my heart was the same. He spoke with the anointing of thousands of years of walking with God.

“Michael we shall spend some time together for I have much to share with you. In my day I also had a school of the prophets and the Lord used me to be a voice of exhortation and training to those he had given me. Elisha was my student and many others. History has not had a record of these but their names are not lost. In Fathers accounting they gave their lives in demonstration, power, and authority. So shall many lend their voice and hearts to the Spirit in this hour. They shall speak a word of conviction, grace, and love. This shall be coupled with the fire and inner conviction of the wisdom of Father. This wisdom has been known for ages up here but shall be demonstrated in this hour as a witness of God for all time in the world of Fathers power and authority”

  With this He stopped speaking and sat down beside me as my heart was as pumped up by his anointing and oratory as any one had ever inspired in me before. I rejoice that I know we shall spend time together and may Father’s purposes be fulfilled in my life God be praised.

Game Changer - China Claims Air Supremacy With Its New J-20 Stealth Fighter


        A close look at China's J-20 stealth fighter, by Washington think tank The Jamestown Foundation, calls the plane a "game changer," that will render all air defense in the region obsolete.

  With no refueling of the J-20, Japan, South Korea, and former Air Force bases in the Philippines will all be open to attack; with refueling, United States operations in Guam become easily acquired targets.

  This capability allows China to take full control of both "island chains" that form the country's self-defined, maritime defense perimeter.

  The study suggests that J-20s will be the tactical equal of U.S. F-22A Raptors as well as F-35 Joint Strike Fighters, and be capable of delivering large "glide bombs" that will "remain unseen through the whole delivery maneuver, effecting complete surprise."

  With no radar arrays capable of picking up a stealth fighter, the J-20 will be undetectable to all air defense systems in the U.S., and on all its allied bases in the Asia-Pacific region.

  U.S. options for dealing with the J-20 in the air are limited to the 158-plane, F-22 fleet that has been grounded since May 3 due to faulty oxygen systems that cause pilots to lose consciousness at high altitude.

  There is currently no allocation in the defense budget to develop "counter stealth" radars in the U.S.

Friday, May 20, 2011

The Comming Storm Part One


 I was again caught up in the Spirit and found myself in a cave and all around me are the horrifying sounds of war. The explosions and cries of desperation are overwhelming. I went to the entrance to the cave and looking off in the distance I can see afar off Jerusalem encircled with armies. Coming toward me are a long line of refugees men, women, and children each individuals face aflame with terror and inner consternation. It is the most horrible sight I have ever seen. My heart is grieved at the sight for these are Jews fleeing for their own lives.

My heart went out to them and my spirit burdened in the distance I see an army and overhead planes coming in each was strafing the line of refugees as they flew overhead on their way to the city where they would release their bombs on the emplaced Israeli army in and around the city. Plane after plane flew over and one by one they shot and killed these innocent victims until only a small number managed to reach the cave where I was hiding. They were completely unaware of me but their cries of fear and torment tore at my soul and I sank to my knees and cried out to the Lord as they themselves were doing.

Then the spirit caught me up again and I found myself in Paris France. I have never been there and have no idea what boulevard upon which I am standing but it is broad and I can see in the distance the Eiffel Tower and like the scene in Jerusalem thousands of people are running around in panic and terror. I can hear the sounds of war and explosions going off all around me.

I also heard the sound of alarms wailing in warning to those who were running in fear. I had no time for inner reflection for all at once I heard a terrible explosion which caused the thousands of those fleeing to scream as one voice in a sound so terrible that it shall shake my soul for as long as I shall live. Then I saw the reason for their fears for off in the distance behind the Eiffel Tower I saw the rising into the air the mushroom cloud of an atomic explosion bringing with it an intense heat, wind, and blinding light.

I witnessed all these thousands of souls burn and in a moments time they were silent as their flesh turned to ash and as the roar of the atomic explosion grew louder I was suddenly aware that all sounds of life human or otherwise was no more. I was again picked up by the Spirit and found myself outside the city with thousands of others fleeing and running away. Their wails of fear were coupled with groans of despair as we could see even from here the horrible carnage that had been Paris.

The Spirit again picked me up and I found myself in New York City and the scenes I had witnessed in Paris were again happening. Thousands of people were running in fear and another mushroom cloud explosion from inside the city was reigning down death and destruction. Having seen three such horrible scenes was almost more than my spirit could withstand.

Then my spirit was once more picked up and I found myself in heaven beside a sea of light. I could hear the roar of waves hitting the shore but the water was also shimmering with the light and glory of God. I sank to my knees and began to weep and wail for all the death and destruction I had just seen and to wonder what it all meant.

As I knelt my heart poured out an avalanche of intercession. I raised my head and saw a solitary figure coming my way. I instantly recognized him as the master. I stood to my feet and walked toward him and fell at his feet when I got to him.

“ Lord I said ,what is the meaning of these things”?

Jesus knelt down beside me and stood me to my feet. He then looked in my eyes and said “Son this is that time spoken of in my word called the beginning of sorrows. Yes nation shall rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom. Yet the greatest battle is a spiritual one. The kingdom of Father shall rise within the body of Christ in power and glory and shall spoil the evil ones camp

Yet evil also as it is known is even now preparing the world for the rise of that wicked one who shall lead so many into perdition. He shall speak mighty things and the scenes of death you have seen will begin that final culmination of evil to enslave and attempt to deceive and damn the whole world. Yet he shall be broken by the power and the authority of the son of man as Fathers will comes to pass in this age.

Son you have seen Father’s great power and anointing but you must also see the power and authority of the evil one and yours shall be a voice of power and authority. You must learn to walk in that spiritual authority of the working of miracles. For it is far more than healings and signs as they are known.

 Those who will walk in this anointing shall also call down judgment on those who are evil and shall by force in Fathers name take nations for his sake. I am sending another of my servants and he shall teach you how to be used of Father to call down judgment on the ungodly and to do exploits for me in the earth.”

As Jesus had been talking to me we had been walking and presently we came to yet another cave

The master turned and looked at me and said “many things are about to be unleashed in the world. The war you just saw are manifestations of Lucifer in the earth. He was always a liar, thief, and murderer. In this cave you will learn a new level of intercession and here my servant Elijah shall come to you and teach you those things of which he walked in his day and shall be unleashed again even more powerfully in this hour”.

With this he was as suddenly gone as he had appeared. I looked around me and saw a table full of fruit and a cot like so many others I had seen. Also on the floor there was a mat of sorts on which to prostrate myself in intercession before the Lord.

This cave was far different from the one on the side of the mountain of God I had known before. I could hear the waves rushing to shore but also feel and hear the wind blowing outside and knew in my spirit there was a connection between all I had seen this day and the cave. I felt somehow connected to the world and what was coming and that I had been called to walk this out with the master and that I had much to learn. I fell on my face before the Lord on the mat and began to call out to him.