Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Light That Liberates Part Three

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.[a] 2 The earth was formless and empty, and darkness covered the deep waters. And the Spirit of God was hovering over the surface of the waters. (Genesis 1:1-2 NLT)
In the beginning God, with this inspired phrase the book of book opens. Life as we know it did not self originate out of some primal ooze eons ago. All life in this world and all worlds beyond owe their very existence to the will and plan of almighty God. It is not my intention to draw attention to the wonders of his creation.
It is rather my intention in this present work to draw attention to the comparison we can draw between the creative life giving force embodied within the creator and draw certain comparisons or conclusions from the data so considered. No matter how the Triune God decreed that life would begin, and however long it would take to do so, it was all done at the express will of the almighty.
From the very beginning we see the Holy Spirit was hovering over the waters, brooding if you will in silent contemplation. He was and is the life giving force of the almighty and began the work of creating life from lifelessness.
No less critical and no less inspiring is the work of the Holy Spirit in the regeneration of the human soul and spirit. Man through the fall of Adam shared a fate not unlike that of this planet all those eons ago. It is only through the light of the glory of the divine that the human spirit can soar beyond the limited understanding of our own blighted wisdom.
Holy Scripture describes the condition of the world of that time as formless and empty. A vast darkness covered the surface of the planet and the world itself, its surface was covered by water. There was not even one scintilla of life anywhere.
How closely does this description describe the state of the soul or heart of the man or woman lost without God? Man through the fall like the planet earth eons ago is empty and formless. The human soul whose wisdom and inner consciousness is limited to its own self awareness is one of total darkness. Man in the fall became a capricious self absorbed being.
It is not that man in the fall has ceased to exist or is incapable of achievements. The human race after all still retains some of the dominion and creative abilities that the God of all existence deposited in Adam, made in his image, so long ago. It is the fact that the life force that is man has been perverted by sin. The base of human existence apart from God is devoid of truth. The soul or heart of man, the very center of his being like the world of long ago is void, formless, surrounded by the vast darkness from which all his creative impulses and wisdom originates.
Down through the stream of time from the very beginning the human race has walked in darkness. Ever since Adam choose to follow his own course in direct opposition to the divine will he has lived in a world of internal darkness. Scripture informs us that after the fall God drove man out of the garden.
Yet in a very real sense man drove himself out of Eden. Eden was far more that a beautiful garden. It represented the ideal that Father God intended for the human race from the very beginning. It was not a world of idle ease that was in the heart of the Father. Eden was a place of great activity. Adam was given the task of taking dominion over all the created works that Father had brought into existence.
Yet this work was not driven by the twin pillars of hell, greed and lust in all its forms that seems to drive the heart of fallen man. Adam every day knew that in the cool of the evening he would walk with the eternal one. Life as it was supposed to be was one of eternal partnership with the divine. Death was never to have been a part of man’s world.
Yet in the day that Adam fell the lustful impulse entered his heart to seek wisdom apart and separate from the truth revealed by Father God; he entered a world of self imposed darkness. Eden represented the divine ideal of God. It was far more than a garden. It was a place of simplicity in the sense that man’s heart was full of the light and noble ideals of his creator.
Mankind did garner a new understanding he had never known before through the fall. This wisdom was gained at the expense of something far more precious. Mankind through the fall gained an internal understanding of evil, but in so doing lost the capacity for doing good.
Jesus came on a divine mission over two thousand years ago to bring back into the world an understanding of truth that had been lost. The gods created by men since the fall were a mirror image of mankind’s own warped inner being. His gods were cold, calculating, debased beings. They were filled with all the same lust inspired impulses that could be found in man. Lust and pleasure, cruelty and murder, stalked the council chambers of the gods of Olympus. They were no different than the mortals they purported to rule over, just more powerful.
Into a world such as this Jesus Christ was born. He was the very God of the universe. He was born into the world of men. He was in fact through his birth forever more human. He came to live a life unlike any that had ever been seen before. He ministered life and gave of himself freely to others. He showed the world the nobility of the true God. He healed the sick, raised the dead, took dominion over the forces of nature, and freely laid down his life to make a way for man to make his way back to God.
After his resurrection he ascended back to the Father, and the Holy Spirit was sent into the world as the life giving force of God to bring life to all those who would accept the divine sacrifice of Christ, and make him the Lord of their lives.
So our story has come full circle. Fallen man is just as dark and empty as he ever was. Like the world of long ago we are formless. In the divine mind this means that man through the fall has apart from God lost the ability to even know what good is. He is covered by the dark waters of his own awareness. He is surrounded by the demonic influences of hell.
His environment is an inner and outer awareness of darkness. Yet all is not hopeless. Like the world of that day the Holy Spirit is there hovering over the face of the waters. Poor lost sin sick heart he is there for you. He is brooding in quiet contemplation over your heart.
There comes a time in every believer’s life when he through the Spirit gains an awareness of the existence of God. The gospel is the power of God for salvation. The Holy Spirit, the life force of the almighty is waiting for a sign from you of your desire to be free. In our next installment in this series we shall examine the work of the Spirit in the human heart.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Son's Inspiration

I am surrounded by the beauty and splendor of this incredible place. A soft warm breeze gently caresses my face. I pulled my cloak more tightly around me as my spirit was flooded with joy at finding myself here once more. Heaven is a timeless realm and it has been over a month since I last found myself here. Yet even though in our world a month has gone by I find myself in the forest of God heading for the valley of inspiration once more.
It is almost as if I have gone back to the very time and place of my last visit here. Grasping my staff I and my companion have continued our journey. Looking to my left my heart leaped for joy at the sight of him who has always as far back as I can remember been the object of my life’s desire. I have never known anyone like him. He is the most beautiful person it has ever been my privilege to know.
Sensing my feelings he stopped and turned to face me. His eyes are a dark blue and his hair dark as the gentle breeze blew through his hair. I sense in him a bonding, spirit to spirit, his eyes a reflection of friendship and affability. It has been my privilege to have more times than I can count to find myself in his company. Each time I have made my way here and spent time with him it has been a time of great joy.
Jesus put his hand on my arm and the love that he has for me could never have been more apparent than at this special moment in time. We stood there for a brief moment with not a word being said between us. Yet in that moment he reinforced to my heart that I had his undivided attention.
Smiling he turned and we once more began our journey. We are surrounded by the trees of the forest of God. They stand like giant sentinels greater than any trees on earth they towered above us. Interspersed in between their branches are brightly colored red and blue flowers. The soft warm breeze brought home to me the sweet nectar of their scent.
I know just being here with the master has filled my spirit with the serenity of peace and joy that always fills my heart whenever I find myself in his presence. The worries and cares of this present life are lost by the joy he brings to me. We have gone a great distance since we started this journey. In the distance I could see a clearing and following the masters lead we made our way to it.
As we cleared the edge of the forest I saw we had come to a beautiful meadow. It is quite large and is situated in the middle of the forest through which we have traveled so far. This meadow is I would say eight or ten miles wide and is surrounded on all sides by the forest of God. I can see a small villa in the distance and a gasp of delight escaped my lips at the sight of this lovely place.
Turning to my left I saw Jesus standing there with a slight smile on his face. He once more reached over and touched my arm. His manner was generous and kind.
He said, “Michael my son this place is named serenity. It is a place of spiritual refreshment and renewal. We have a long way to go, yet we shall take the time to allow your spirit to rest and be strengthened by the wonders that the land of serenity affords. Come let us be going”.
He turned and entered the meadow and I dutifully followed. The moment I took my first step into the meadow my heart was filled with the serenity and peace that this beautiful place brings to the heart. I felt the day to day worries and concerns of my day to day existence in the natural world begin to slip away one by one from me.
Hot tears of joy began to caress my cheeks for until this moment I did not realize just how heavy the internal weights of life had been. In the distance I can see a beautiful garden, their varied colors and scents filing my spirit with joy. Soon we were walking through the heart of this garden and Jesus and I made our way over to a beautiful little arbor. It had a bench large enough for the two of us to sit down.
We sat down and I could not help but notice that there were vines full of multicolored flowers that formed a roof of beauty above our heads. This bench affords a wondrous view of the garden of serenity stretching out before us. In the distance I could see angels and saints of God busily engaged working in the garden. I could not have been, and cannot remember, ever being happier at any time in my life that I am at this moment.
Jesus said, “Michael my son you are about to enter into the final phase of preparation for that work which Father and I would have for you to do. All of your questions shall be answered at this time and the glory of the world yet to come shall be unveiled to your heart. Mankind and the world as you know it are about to enter its last and most violent time”.
The warm smile that had been on his face disappeared and his eyes were a reflection of deep concentration. His look was stern and his manner one of deep concern. Instinctively I reached over and put my arm on his in a gesture of love and understanding on my part. It was obvious to me the great burden he was carrying in his heart. His eyes had a faraway look in them as he contemplated all the responsibility that he was feeling for the days yet to come in our world. Smiling at me as only he can, he put his hand on mine still resting on his arm.
“Michael my son, the days ahead shall be very dark. History as you know it is entering its final and most violent stage. Satan knows he has but just a short time left. He was and is a murderer and has been one from the beginning. Evil shall be unmasked and seen for what it is in this hour.
Satan has but one desire and that has always been the same from the beginning. He longs to be worshiped as divine so that he can kill and destroy. He is the ultimate example of hatred, and murder, and his heart is a black cauldron of evil and deceit. Even his most devout followers in the world of men he hates and despises. The final phase of history as you know it has begun”.
Jesus having said this leaned back resting against the back of the bench upon which we are sitting. He is sitting on my left and at the moment he is staring straight ahead into the garden. I could not help but reflect on the vast difference between the beauty and serenity that this place engenders and the words he had just spoken.
Turning to face me he placed his right hand on my shoulders. I knew from the expression on his face that which he was about to share with me was of great importance.
“Michael my son I shall speak plainly. The devastation, death, and destruction that the earthquake and tsunami brought to Japan in the last few days on earth are just the beginning. It was not my doing but rather the evil one has offered unto himself a sacrifice of blood and destruction. He is following his master plan that shall end with the son of perdition, that evil one, Daniel, Paul, and John spoke of in my word rising to power in the earth.
In the days ahead even more violent storms and destruction shall come. Wars caused by the fear and panic of nations looking after their own national interests shall spread across the globe. Death and destruction shall follow in the wake of these wars as fear shall shake the world as never before. Millions around the globe shall in the coming days face the twin scourges of plagues and starvation that these events shall engender.
These are the days that I spoke to my disciples about so long ago. Yet this is just the beginning of sorrows. Do not allow the fear of the days just ahead fill your heart. No matter what it may look like I am and shall ever remain in control. All power in heaven and earth has been given to me. These days shall be shortened and shall end with the return of the son of man returning to the earth to establish a kingdom which shall never end”.
Having said this he stood to his feet and I in my turn stood to mine. I could see the light and glory of divinity in his eyes. I fell on my face before him and began to worship him. He put his hand on my head and a holy fire of glory flooded my spirit. I am lying on the ground in front of him and he reached down and lifted me up to my feet. I am standing right in front of him and my knees are trembling at the power and glory I see reflected in his eyes. He began to speak and his words seemed to be coming from everywhere.
“I am the resurrection and the life. I am he that was dead and has risen and shall live forever more. Do not be shaken my son by the movements of hell in these days for I shall protect both you and your son in the days ahead as I always have. It is the plan of hell to offer the lives of billions of lives around the world in a grand sacrifice to Satan. Yet he shall be broken and his kingdom destroyed. I shall gather a grand harvest unto myself and the church shall begin to walk in the power and dominion of the kingdom yet to come.
Yet make no mistake about it son, it is I and I alone, who shall break the kingdom of darkness in this day. You must be the voice of love, compassion, and encouragement that I have called you to be. Prepare my people for the darkness that shall try all mankind in the days ahead.
Yet make no mistake about it my son. The time is nearer than you know when the son of man shall return and take out of the earth all those hearts dedicated unto me. The testimony of my servant Enoch shall be theirs. I shall call them home to me for this hemorrhaging world shall no longer be worthy of them”.
Once more I fell on my face before the master and began to worship him. I love him with all my heart and no matter what judgments the coming days shall unveil; I know that he is in control of both them, and my life, as well as the lives of believers all over the world all safe in his hands.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Two Weeks In Hell Part Seven

I find myself today continuing that lonely task of walking in yet another of the tunnels of hell. Left far behind is the cavern of eternal death transformation. Before I had been able to distinguish a vast difference between the lost human souls and their evil demon tormentors. But the deeper one goes in hell a radical transformation takes place. I can from this place discern little difference whatsoever between them.

Jesus and I are still together walking side by side. We have been saying very little and my mind and heart are heavy for the lost that I find here. Such a vast transformation has occurred in these people! Their fear and torment seems to be as great as ever. They however have been given over to complete evil! I cannot help but compare the righteous in heaven with the ones I see here! There the people are full of the life and nature of God, and the very atmosphere reflects this.

Here the people are reflecting the anointing of eternal death and the deeper we descend into the depths of hell the more pronounced this transformation becomes. I looked over at Jesus and his face was set with the glory and anointing of God that I could feel radiating from his body. My mind also cannot help but continue the comparison that I see between the eternally lost and the righteous.

How well I remember the contrast between what I am seeing here and the vision I had of the righteous standing before Father and the Son in the valley of eternity! We one and all knew we were about to enter the eternal kingdom of glory in which the glory and power of Father were to fill us once and for all. I sense in my heart that these lost ones with whom I now find myself are on a path of eternal destiny, and like we in the valley of eternity were transformed into the image of God; these people are being transformed more and more into the image of evil!

Our destiny is the kingdom of Father! Their destiny is the lake of fire! This and so many other things are going through my mind at this time. I felt a hand on my arm and turning saw the master motioning me to turn aside. We stopped and moved over to one side. We are standing not twenty feet from this evil host of tens of thousands all walking down this tunnel headed for whatever awaits them.

Jesus said, “My son, you have rightly discerned that which I would have you see here. For there has been an eternal bond made between the agents of sin and death and the souls of the lost. There comes a time in hell when demon and human both take on the same level of evil and malevolence. The people that you see here have been transformed by eternal death and thusly blinded by the power of darkness. They are in torment here it is true but they would be tormented even more by the light and glory of heaven and all it represents.

Evil like insects hiding under a rock seeks out the darkness and shadows. The light of truth like insects exposed to the light sends them scurrying for a new place to hide. That is why my word says I will destroy evil when I return by the brightness of my coming. Ultimate evil my son will find its true destiny in ultimate darkness. Hell is a place of eternal separation from God. In life I was ever present and they were not able to walk out to its fullest the evil that is within them.

Son there is coming a fundamental transformation upon the earth”. Jesus and I walked over to a small side tunnel or cave. I could no longer see the people but could hear the footsteps of the thousands as they walked by. Jesus and I sat down on the floor with our backs to the wall and looking over at me he continued his discourse.

“I did not want to bring you here my son. I know that the two weeks we have spent here has been a burden on your heart. Yet it was necessary my child to show you evil in its most malignant form. We have begun a time of new revelation knowledge that is transforming you my beloved. I take no delight in the suffering of these here. I have no desire to discuss with you the individual people and their sins on earth which brought here each individual you see”.
Jesus put his hand on my arm and looking deeply into my eyes continued. “Son I am a person of principle. Some things do not change with me and one thing I have never done with anyone. Do not believe those who would say I spoke to them in hell abut this persons torment, or that persons suffering, for why they are here is a private affair. It is between each individual and me why they are here and it is not yours or anyone else’s business.

Son you have entered a new realm of spiritual understanding and revelation. On your son’s journey I used Moses, Enoch, Elijah and others to prepare your heart for that which is now happening in your life. This trip to hell my son though painful was necessary. I take no pleasure in the suffering of others and none suffer more than the lost of hell. I did not bring you here son to satisfy any morbid curiosity that some may have of hell.

There is much about hell that you have not seen. Son we could spend years here examining all the various components of hell. No my child I am not going to show you where these poor lost souls are going from here. They are headed for a great cavern where they will enter the flames of evil perdition that is but just the beginning of their eternal suffering and shame. It would serve no purpose to share that with you.

There are levels of hell even within the flames of judgment that awaits them my child. Yet even the lost deserve the dignity of not having their suffering exposed for the entire world to see. Yet you may say Lord, you have shown me great suffering that they have already endured. This is true my child but it has all been for a purpose. It was necessary to show you my child what you are fighting both for and against.

My desire in coming here was to show you the internal transformation that evil brings to the human soul and spirit. You have seen with your own eyes these lost one be transformed into the very image of the demonic forces of sin and death that inhabit them”.

Jesus sighed and leaned back heavily against the wall. His eyes reflecting the deep concentration of his mind and heart. “Son the transformation into evil that you have seen the lost experience did not begin here but rather began in life. You saw with your own eyes the evil anointing that spiritual death places in the hearts of the lost. You could see this evil in their eyes. In the world of men there are evil men who if you think about it my son have gone a long way in their journey that will bring them here.

I think of Enoch. He sought us for fifty years and never once gave in to the spirits of compromise to end his quest. Once he found us he lived the rest of his days in eternal servitude to Father’s will and purpose. His was a voice of kingdom power and authority that shook the world of that day. Yet their came a time when his work was done on earth, and Father brought him to himself that he might be in service to him on an eternal level. From that day to this very moment he has as he did in life laid down his life with an eternal vigilance to ever be in Father’s service.

Son there are evil men consumed with the lust for power and domination just as sold out to hell as Enoch was to Father. They are corrupted by the evil that dwells in their hearts. Some men are transformed by spiritual death in life as you have seen transformed here. Son you have felt not only the evil of this place, but also the anointing for evil that this place produces. You have been given a new awareness of the awesome dimensions that evil is capable of carving out in the human heart.

I brought you here my child to both expose you to this ultimate expression of evil as you see it here, but to also give you the spiritual revelation of being able to recognize it when you see it. From this day forward as you walk out your life you will be able to discern evil for what it is. Son it grieves me in my heart to say there are evil men in authority in my church whose selfish ambitions of pride and ambition has allowed the forces of hell to tap into their hearts. Many think my spirit is leading them but they are being used by hell to further their own quest for power, prestige, and authority.

Son, one of the reasons I am sending you out at this time is to expose the darkness and root out from amongst my people these wolves of hell. You will not have to assail them publicly my son, but the light of glory inside your heart, which you and others I am sending out in this hour shall walk in, shall expose them for what they are. You have learned a great truth here my son, that evil also has an anointing, and here in hell you have seen the eternal transformation that evil brings”.

At this point Jesus smiled and his eyes began to glow with the glory of God. He reached over and took my hand in his and the fire and glory of his being began to flood my spirit. His entire being began to glow with that radiate heat and power that God and God alone has. Yet in connection with him my spirit began to glow with the fire of his love and compassion.

He smiled at me and said, “Son it is time to leave this place of eternal damnation and despair. We must return to a place and time that I told you we would return for I have much to share with you. There you will see the eternal transformation and destiny of the righteous, even as you have seen the transformation of evil here”.

Still holding my hand he and I began to soar and I felt the bonds of hell and darkness fade in the light and glory of his eternal being as we soared ever upwards. It had taken two weeks to descend into the pit of hell into which I had found myself, but it only took us a few seconds to escape this dungeon of evil and damnation.

In a matter of seconds I have found myself here. I am back in the valley of eternity again, surrounded by the millions and millions of redeemed saints that I had seen before. All is just as it was before. We are surrounded by millions of angels and Jesus in all his radiate glory is standing on the platform addressing us as before. I looked to my right and as before when I was here Father is standing in front of the platform listening as were the rest of us to Jesus.

Jesus eyes began to glow with a fire of glory beyond anything I had ever seen before. He said, “beloved, now the time of eternal glory and kingdom authority has come. You must enter into that eternal kingdom, and that eternal expression of love that Father has for you. That day of final and grand transformation has come”.

I am standing in the crowd of millions of believers from all the ages listening to the words of my Lord. Here we are in the distant future and all assembled here are about to experience that grand expression of love and devotion that Father has for us as we enter his kingdom. I could not help but smile. I could not be farther from hell than I am at this moment. My heart is filled with a glorious sense of anticipation as I and all these others in the valley of eternity wait on our lord and king.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Two Weeks In Hell Part Six

It has been two weeks since I found myself on the road to hell. Already it seems like I have been here for years. Hell is like heaven in one respect in that it is timeless. I have found myself lost in the Spirit in such a fashion where at times one loses all track of time. In heaven it is so blissful that hours can seem like minutes. In hell there is no awareness of time either. Yet days can seem like years and weeks like centuries.

My spirit is grieved and my heart overwhelmed by all I have seen and heard the last two weeks. The master and I are still together. I could not imagine how intensely evil this place would be if he was not with me. I can hear the wailing of a great number of people just ahead. The air is getting hotter and hotter. I also feel a terrible sense of foreboding clutching at my heart.

I can hear a ground swell of people in great distress just up ahead. I know the master had told me to not allow fear to grip my heart but it is hard not to. Jesus stopped and looked at me with eyes full of the understanding and love that is his nature. He put his arms around me and pulled me tight against himself. I could feel the divine love and glory of his person radiating strength and comfort to my heart.

The fear that moments before had been clutching at my heart began to subside. We just stood there for a few moments in a loving embrace. Jesus pulled back but just a few inches and I could see the tears in his eyes. He said, “Son I could feel the fear in your heart and I reached out to you to give you my strength. It is also true that what you are about to see will change your life forever.

It is a sight that you will never forget. I also felt a need to feel the love that you have for me my child. Because where we are going now is a place of such horror that even I have never gotten used to. Every one had a chance in life to find me and for those poor lost souls who walked away from my grace my heart is full of grief for them. Come my son let us be on our way”.

With this we stood and began our journey once more. I gripped my staff tightly in my hand and drew comfort and strength from it. The tunnel in which we have been walking is getting wider. I can see other tunnels, side tunnels, like the one we have been walking on all channeling into this larger tunnel we now find ourselves in.

People and demons are entering from these side tunnels. They seem completely unaware of our presence here. Jesus looked over at me and said, “Son, they as before cannot see either one of us. I have put a wall of separation around us that not only keeps us from being seen but also protects you my child in this place”. Several thousand people and demons all on the same path in which we travel now surround us, who had been walking alone.

I looked into the eyes of these people and they are full of fear. One can never get used to the fear of the eternally lost. Yet the fear I see here and now is far greater than what I had seen before. The demons escorting them were like the two large demons I had seen at the entrance to the cavern of Apollyon. I can see a great archway just ahead and the people all around me began to pull back in terror.

They did not want to take another step forward but their demon guards pulled out their swords with which I am so familiar and pushed them along. I can see thousands and thousands of demons up ahead. The sight of them increased the agitation of the people all around me. As we got closer these evil ones just ahead one by one paired up with a human. These were dark evil demons of great power and darkness.

I could not help but notice that the goat head demons of escort as we got close enough to come in contact with these new demons began to shrink back. As the little demons that they had tormented earlier now these larger demons began to shake in fear. Jesus and I are close enough to see these new evil ones, and I could feel the intensity of their evil anointing.

Jesus motioned me to one side and we separated ourselves from the group and stood there watching. “Michael these are the agents of spiritual death in hell. There are no more powerful demons in hell than these. Above them in the ranks of evil are the angels who fell with Satan. You will find none of them here in hell for their hour has not yet come.

I said in my word that it would be better to pay any price than to find yourself here. You are about to witness the damnation of the lost in a whole new way”. We are now close enough to witness first hand what is happening. These dark evil ones are hideous in appearance. Their faces are a mask of rage and hatred. Their eyes display the pitiless nature of their beings.

They do not just touch or attach themselves to the people that they are tormenting. They are actually entering the spirits of these lost souls. The agony that they are causing the people in whom they have entered is beyond my language skills to describe. It is all done very quickly. One by one the people are brought before them and one by one they enter them. It is done very fast one touch and in just seconds they enter them.

The people began to stagger and wail. The demons are black and dark and upon entering the human host the people turn black like they are. The expression on the faces of these poor lost souls is beyond description as I have already said. Jesus said, “My child when you find me in salvation you are filled with the Holy Spirit. In that filling you heart is transformed and you receive within you the life and nature of God”.

His eyes filled with tears and I could tell his heart was breaking.
Son sin is not just an act but it is also a spiritual force. It will guide and direct a person just as my Spirit will. However sin produces death in all its forms. It destroys the ability to love or reach out to us. It produces hate, lust of all kinds, and selfishness. I said in my word that those in me would not experience the second death”.

Jesus stopped speaking and I could tell his heart was in great distress. I instinctively put my arms around him in a feeble attempt on my part to comfort him. He looked at me with tear filled eyes but I could feel the love in his eyes. “Son, what you are witnessing here is the beginning of that inner transformation inside the hearts of the lost. These agents of eternal death have begun that final transformation in the spirits of the lost with whom they enter. These demons of eternal death will be with these people forever”.

As I looked in the eyes of the humans being tormented I saw an astonishing transformation occur. At first the people struggled and tried to in someway stop that which was going on inside them. By and by however they stopped struggling and an almost seamless transformation occurred. The demons and the people became one! I could not tell where the demons stopped and the people began.

The same red eyes and malevolent stares I had seen in the demons eyes were now filling the eyes of the people! The people were also dark now in appearance just like these evil spirits. The people had in just a moment of time been transformed into the exact image of the demons now inside them!

Jesus touched my arm and as I turned and looked at him began to speak again, “Son, remember all the times when you have been so lost in us the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit that you could not tell where we began in you and where we ended. You were experiencing eternal life in its greatest form at that time. That is the destiny of all the righteous souls who shall find their way to heaven.

So likewise the eternally lost have a spiritual destiny also. As you in heaven experience us, so the lost shall find themselves eternally connected with spiritual death. These you see here have been transformed from the inside into the evil that you see. They are filled with the intense evil anointing of eternal death.

Throughout eternity they shall live in torment. Their spirits are at this point transformed into creatures of darkness as bad or worse than Satan himself”. I looked at them again and could not help but notice that each and every one of the people inhabited by these demons began to in short order take on the mannerisms and actions of their demon host. Their eyes a reflection of complete evil, they even walked the same. My eyes began to fill with tears at the sight of tens of thousands of people being changed over and over right before my eyes.

Jesus said, “This is just the beginning of their transformation son. I still have much to share with you let us be going”. With this we began walking again. My heart is as heavy as lead. I can only shudder at the thought of what more evil lies ahead.