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Hal Lindsey Report (4.24.15)


Ten years ago, I wrote a book entitled, America's Last Call: On
the Brink of a Financial Holocaust. In that book, I warned of the
following events:

oThere would be a meltdown of the bond market.
oGod's judgment would strike suddenly on the U.S. economy.
oA brief, false sense of prosperity would precede the coming
economic collapse. (This short flicker of prosperity would be
God's final mercy call before the chastening to come.)
oThere would be a real estate meltdown, with a market made
up of mostly sellers and very few buyers. Multitudes would lose
their homes to repossession.
oThere would be an ominous rise of homosexual power.
oA sudden storm of confusion would take place on Wall Street.
oGod's watchmen and prophets would be silenced.
oThe U.S. dollar would collapse.
oAmerica would lose control of its economy. To date, China has
loaned America hundreds of billions of dollars. We have become
the world's number one debtor nation, no longer in control of our
oAlong with many other watchmen, I see that the greatest
shaking of all is still to come.
oWhat we are about to witness upon the earth will affect every
person living. The world is going to see a temporary calm, with
relative stability, causing many to say, "The crisis has passed."
But in truth, the real panic will still be ahead of us.

-Published June 2008 in the article, 'The Most Important Issue
of This Hour' by D. Wilkerson.

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