Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Day of the Lord Part Four

       I stand with the millions of redeemed of all the ages, and we have been lifted by the powerful words of our Lord Jesus Christ in praise and worship of our heavenly Father. Jesus had seated himself on the throne. Father was standing to my right in front of the platform. His face is radiating the great love and respect, which he has for his son. I could also feel his love reaching out to all of us assembled.

I turned and scanned the crowd there are so many. Our hearts are united as one in our worship and love for the triune God. The blazing fire of the Holy Spirit is covering this valley with the smoke and glory of his presence.

I turned and looked back at Jesus and his eyes were glowing with the anointing and inspiration of God. Gradually we grew silent as we all refocused our attention on our Lord.

He was clothed in the royal robes of the king that he is, and on his head he wore a golden crown. I was suddenly seized in my heart to worship him and I fell on my face before him. My reaction was not alone as on my face I could hear the millions of redeemed all falling on our collective faces before him. Not a word was being said as for a long moment we just in silence paid homage and tribute to our Lord.

Jesus seated on the throne began to address us. “Beloved we are gathered here to finish our course and to thus finish that charge that Father gave me so long ago. We have seen evil in all its forms vanquished from existence once and for all. We stand on the threshold of a new world. I and the Holy Spirit in that last task I was given of my Father have created a new world and a new universe.

I am seated here on this throne as the ruler of this kingdom I was given of my Father. All of you here gathered are not just the subjects of that kingdom but rather kings and rulers in your own right. You are this day about to move into that final act of redemption and possess the new heavens and earth we have prepared for you my children.”

Jesus stood to his feet and walked to the edge of the platform facing the crowd. He motioned to us to stand to our feet, which we all did. Standing to his left were the twenty-four elders. He turned and addressed them. “Beloved, you have borne the weight of the calling we placed on your hearts individually on earth, and in heaven as the faithful witnesses of our hearts all these hundreds of years as time was counted on earth”.

His eyes began to glow with the fire and anointing of God. It has been my privilege to witness this anointing of Jesus many times before. However the radiance and glory emanating from him at this moment is far more powerful than anything I have ever seen before. Jesus moved down off the platform and they huddled around him. My attention was drawn to Moses whom I have grown to love and respect so much. His eyes were filled with tears and his countenance reflected both the tenderness of his heart, but also the quiet dignity and anointing of his person.

I turned back to Jesus and saw that he was one by one going to each of them and whispering a few words in their ears. He then would embrace them and move on to the next. All of us who were standing as witnesses to this event were stirred and moved. All of these men, heroes of the faith, had stirred our hearts with the power of the witness they and their works had made on each of us.

Jesus turned and returned to the platform. He once more scanned the crowd from left to right. He said, “Beloved children of my Father you have endured the hardships and persecutions, each of you in your own way, of natural life. You each of you paid the price of love and obedience to find your way here. We are joined this day in that holiest of bonds one with the other. I gave myself in a divine sacrifice that forever more joined us together in Spirit.

I am the head and you are the body. My life flows in you, but it can also be said that your life flows in me. I am both God and human forever more. You were purchased by blood shed, and by faith in me redeemed from the powers of darkness forever more. All of you are united together in me”,

Jesus paused and looked over at his Father with tears in his eyes. “ My Father I have this day finished that holy commission that you gave me. These millions and millions here assembled bear witness by their very presence of this holy one. They are the fruit of my ministry and I bequeath both them and myself to you Holy Father”,

Father, his heart obviously stirred, moved up on the platform and embraced his son. My heart was moved and great joy was flooding my heart. Father ascended to the throne and sat down. Jesus fell on his knees before him and his face was aglow with the power and authority of God. I felt moved and as my master had done fell on my knees before Father. There was a bond of unity established between all of us and our Lord.

The seven archangels of God led by Michael surrounded the throne of God, which was high and lifted up. Jesus remained on his knees before Father but was saying nothing. Michael and the others raised their trumpets to their lips. Father was seated on his throne. He said nothing but he just turned and looked at Michael. The area around the throne began to glow with the fire and glory of God.

This fire enveloped Michael and the others standing there, and all seven began to reflect the glory of God as it enveloped them. They blew their trumpets with all their might. The very ground of this valley began to shake under us with the anointing of God. All the others and I fell on our faces before God. My heart is moved to worship. I looked over to the altar where the Holy Spirit had been resting and the great light and fire of his eternal presence had enveloped the altar upon which he had been resting.

The fire of the Holy Spirits glory just consumed the altar itself! He moved in a pillar of fire above the throne of God. I could see in the midst of the fire the seven spirits of God. What a wondrous sight to behold! Jesus was kneeling before Father. The seven archangels formed a circle around the throne, which was lifted up above their heads. They were enveloped in the glory radiating from Father sitting on his throne. They continued to blow their trumpets with great power and glory.

Father was sitting on his throne and although I could see the outlines of his form they were enveloped in such a great light that even in my redeemed body standing here it was difficult to see beyond the light surrounding his body. I looked above the throne and saw the Pillar of fire of the Holy Spirit.

Within the fire I saw the seven Spirits of God and they all at once began to sing. John saw them in his revelation and called them the seven thunders of God.

They are singing as only they can. Like thunderclaps their voices are both beautiful and powerful. I like John before me am not permitted to write down what they are saying, however I can say that they in their singing are releasing a great anointing that is filling this valley and all of us here assembled. I heard a great choir singing and looking above the pillar of fire I saw millions and millions of seraphim angels all singing songs of praise and worship to God.

It has been my privilege to see scenes much like this one in the throne room of God. Yet I must admit I have never witnessed the power, glory, and anointing that I am seeing now. This scene of glory that we were all beholding was having the most profound effect on all of us here. I felt no fear whatsoever. Instead my heart yearned for my Father, and all the others and I worshipped him with all our might.

  The seven Spirits of God were leading this song of worship and praise. The seraphim choirs of angels were following their lead, as were we all, as we worshiped our Lord and our God. The glory that we felt began to resonate within us. Pillars of fire, like lighting bolts, shot out of the pillar of fire of the Holy Spirit. I turned and followed one such discharge and saw that it had hit one group of saints of about a thousand or so.

It did not harm them in any way, quite the contrary; they were enveloped in a great anointing of fire and light. I saw one by one the Holy Spirit discharge these bolts of glory and strike first this group and then another. My heart rejoiced when I saw one hit the twenty-four elders. It brought such joy to my heart. I could see them all and my heart was particularly moved in seeing Moses and Enoch enveloped in the glory.

  All at once a bolt struck a group very close to us and the glory of that fire drove me to my knees. Just being close to it is discharging a fire of worship in my heart. Then it happened we were struck. I have never felt anything like it. I am enveloped in the glory and fire of God. My entire being has been transformed by the energy and force of the Holy Spirit. I feel inside like a giant tuning fork. I have been transformed into one big instrument of praise and worship.

  I am connected by this fire to the throne and the one on the throne. I began to sing a new song of redemption. I am in a Spirit to spirit connection not only with God, but everyone else also. I believe billons of redeemed saints and angels are connected as one in praising and worshiping almighty God!

  We are many but through this divine connection of the Holy Spirit I am connected and feel the power, love, and passion of every individual assembled here. What rapture! What Joy! The day of Father’s glory is here!

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