Friday, November 18, 2011

A Special Time With Jesus Part Five

        I find myself with the Lord and we have descended to the lower slopes of the mountain of rest. I know that I am at the end of this son’s journey and what lies beyond in the valley we shall soon enter shall bring a whole new reality and understanding in my life. I have an insatiable hunger and desire to walk with my God and to receive that new revelation in my life that revelation shall bring.

     Up till now I have been on a quest a mission to find him and walk with him. Yet if the truth be told although I have been driven for years by some internal hunger, I never have really known what I was searching for and what I would find when I got there. Yet somehow I know that I know my answers lie just ahead and the missing pieces I have been searching for are about to all fall into place. The revelation and understanding of God is just beginning however. This, this son’s entire journey has been a time of training for that which I am about to walk into.

    My spirit is being stirred with each step I take. So many things from my walk with the Lord are going through my mind. The wonderful new friends and mentors that have come into my life in the past sixteen months, and all we have shared are so precious to me. None however are more special to me than the one I am walking with right now. Jesus and I have been together for six days now as we count time on earth. I who have been enduring so much weakness and pain for so long have had little or no problems in my body this week. I find it more than coincidental that my lack of pain is coinciding with the same time I have been with the master,

     We have descended below the clouds and I can smell freshness in the air that is having quite an effect on my spirit. I don’t understand why I am feeling this way I just know that what I have been seeking all these years is at hand. During this walk down the mountain both Jesus and I have walked in silence. It has been almost like he wanted to give me time to reflect on all that has happened, and to anticipate with joy what lies ahead. 

   He suddenly stopped and motioned me to one side and we sat down. From here I am beginning to see and hear sounds in the valley to which we are going but I am sensing nothing that is familiar enough for me to recognize what lies ahead. Jesus and I sat down side by side and he is staring straight ahead. Without looking at me and with a faraway look in his eyes he began to speak to me. “Son you have walked this path in obedience to my and Father’s will. You have seen and had imparted to your spirit many wondrous truths and revelations. This has been a time of preparation and training.  You have put your hand to the plow my son and have finished the task that I put in your heart”, He sighed and turned and the look in his eyes was one of joy and inspiration. “Son this son’s journey is at an end.  I have been telling you for sometime that your hour will soon be upon you”.

    His face broke out in a broad smile. “Your time is no longer at hand but is here even now. When we enter the valley that is just before us your whole world is going to change. You are ready my child to begin to take within yourself that kingdom power and authority that I told you that you would walk into. The greatest anointing of all is to minister to Father and this you have known for quite sometime. You have more of an understanding of this now than you have ever had but nothing like you are about to receive and understand.

     The principles of the kingdom you know but now you are going to receive that revelation to take what you know in your heart and make it a living reality not only in your life but the lives of all those to whom we will send you in this hour. As you minister to Father his ability to function in the miraculous shall become part of your life as well. You will my son bind things on earth and they shall be bound in earth and in heaven and hell”.

    He stopped speaking and put his arm on my shoulder. I see the glory and power of God in his eyes. “Michael Father gave you his ring and robe back in the beginning of this son’s journey. It was no empty gesture on his part. Yet for all these many months it has made you a target for hell. My son your days of sickness and weakness are at an end for it is your destiny to walk in the kingdom power and authority of your Father. You shall soon easily shake off the chains that hell has attempted and failed once again to bind you with. You shall be a force of anointing and kingdom authority.

    You will spoil the enemies’ camp and they shall suffer the just recompense for all their evil directed against you. It is to late for them my son. Soon very soon the wisdom and understanding of the Holy one shall fill your heart and spirit. I told you Michael that once you entered the glory cloud of Father’s anointing and power you would never leave it. Father is effecting a word and power in your heart.
The word is even now a part of you. You are sensing a new power and hunger in your spirit. You are in the process of losing all desire for this world and the distractions of this world. It is the voice and kingdom power of your Father within you that is stirring these feelings within you. It is the tug you are feeling from where you are going that are doing this to you my son. You will never leave the glory cloud of Father’s anointing because the glory of Father is resident within your heart even now. All of hell trembles at the anointing of Father and they see that within you.

  Already your heart burns with the compassion and love for others of your Father. Do not concern yourself with why and how but know that Father shall make a way. Your time of trial is at an end from now on it will be you spoiling the enemies’ camp. All this and more awaits you my son in the valley we are about to enter. Come let us be going for not only is Father awaiting us but others who have seen you through this son’s journey are waiting for us at the entrance of the valley.

  With that we stood to our feet and began to walk once again down the valley. We had not gone very far when I saw Moses and Enoch standing just ahead of us. They bowed low in worship before the Lord and greeted me with hugs and a holy kiss. Moses said, “Son, it is a joy to my heart to be with you here today. The final end time ministry that Father has for you is here. We have walked many miles together and shared many glorious experiences but as you shall soon see it was all worth it”.

    Enoch reached over and grasped my hand and said, “Son my heart is moved and it is a great joy to my heart also to be here with you today”. During all this Jesus had just been standing there his eyes going from one to the other as they spoke. He said, “Son these devoted followers have been where you are going and shall come with us this day as we enter the valley.
Come let us be going for Father awaits us”. He had his arms around us as he said that and with that word we began the last steps of this journey together.

   I can see the valley now and I know not what new revelation that Father is about to bring into my life. I do know that one of the things that is about to happen is I am going from just learning to doing. God be praised! May his words, wisdom, and authority be an ever-present revelation in my heart.

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