Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Mountain of God Part Six


Moses and I left the table and went back to the altar of God.

  He looked at me and said “Michael what you are about to experience is most Holy. You are to be a witness of the awesome glory of Father. He is going to show himself strong in this hour and shall be a voice of strength and consolation to his children. Many of the things you will see and hear have been secrets that Paul and others have seen and were led to seal them up. Daniel prophesied that many things would be sealed up until the time of the end. This end time church shall walk openly in revelation knowledge from Father that in ages past were not seen openly but shall be seen in this day. You have both seen and experienced the Father but you have not seen or heard him, as you shall experience him this day. That which has been sealed in the past shall be opened in this day and hour that all may know Father’s great power and dominion.”

  In all this time since we arrived here the glory cloud of Father had been just in front of us and slightly above us. I had heard trumpet blasts of great intensity and power that had from time to time shook me to my very core when I heard them but although hearing them I knew that something was happening somewhere but it had not been directed at us. Today I knew would be different. Moses fell on his face before the altar and began to speak to Father. The atmosphere began to be charged with the glory of God unlike anything I had ever known before. I did not need Moses to tell me to fall on my face before the cloud of Gods glory.

  Moses said “Holy Father as it has been from the beginning so it is today for we your humble servants bow before you this day that we might know you and receive from you that revelation of divine glory that in you and you alone exists. I bring your servant Michael today and he has humbled himself before you Holy Father and on this holy mountain we have spoken of many things and he has both heard and given himself over to you most Holy Father.

  The hour appointed has come and we with hearts full of love and devotion lift our voices in an anthem of praise and adoration to you. We beseech you holy one that we may be accounted worthy to walk in that glory which you have existed in from everlasting to everlasting. I have walked with you Holy one and have both seen and known your great heart, power, and authority and as you have charged me prepared the heart and spirit of this your servant Michael, that he may be presented to you this day as a vessel that in his heart is dedicated to you and has from childhood d longed for this day.

  Today we pray holy Father that you will show yourself strong to him and as you spoke to me, Paul and others show your servant your glory that he may begin that inner transformation that when he does finally leave this mountain shall walk in that new eternal vision and inward revelation of you. Holy Father we bow before you this day in humble submission that we may be accounted worthy to both hear and see that eternal vestige of your glory.”

  My heart was racing within me as Moses finished speaking. The glory cloud of Fathers anointing lifted and moved over us it was directly above us and I cannot begin to describe the power and magnitude of Fathers being at this moment. My mind raced through the images and experiences that I had known with Father.

  What joy filled my heart as I thought back to that first time I saw him and knew that from that moment on I would always love and adore him. So many images from the past echoing through my mind and heart and yet I knew then that there was something more and that my heart had always yearned to walk in that new understanding of him. I looked over at Moses and he was face down with his arms stretched out in front of him. He was shaking under the power and glory of God that we both were feeling at this moment.

  Thunder and lighting began to emanate from the cloud. I could see red flashes of light all around us. Then one by one the seven archangels of God came out of the mists and formed a circle around both Moses and I and the altar. The pillar of fire on the altar of God, which I knew was the Holy Spirit, began to glow with an intensity of light that even here I could not gaze upon. Yet in that one quick glance I saw the Holy Spirit’s face and he had an expression unlike anything I had ever known.

  My heart was overwhelmed by the glory I was feeling. The seven archangels glowed with the glory of God and their countenance was of a resolute determination and purpose that had I seen it in my body with my natural eyes could not have looked upon. In my spirit even though I could not look upon it I knew that the Holy Spirit in that eternal union of Father with himself was some how connected with the cloud of Fathers glory.

   The cloud of Fathers glory was rumbling with intensity unlike anything I had ever known. The pillar of fire on the altar swirled up into the cloud and was in that divine connection of God within himself taking the power and glory of Father at the top of the cloud and bringing it down to the altar. I could feel the intensity of it. I was lying before the altar, as was Moses just a few feet from the pillar of the Holy Spirit on the altar.

  Father has begun a process today and Moses and I are lying before the altar while the glory cloud of Fathers glory rumbles above us, while the fire and radiance of the Holy Spirit in front of us is getting hotter and hotter and brighter and brighter. Then a flame of fire or tongue of fire as it is described in the book of Acts was discharged from the pillar of fire and appeared over both Moses and myself. Each of us had a separate flame above us.

  This tongue of flame was the size of my entire body and the radiate power and glory of God from this flame was in some way connected to my spirit and wave after wave of his presence and glory began to roll through me. How wonderful and glorious is the Lord our God!

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