Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Word Of Hope

           Enoch and I have been walking together now for several days. His words and anointing have as always been a comfort and joy to my heart. We came to a bend in the path and I noticed that the path had expanded and was now more like a road.

Enoch said, “Son what you are about to see is most holy”.

I looked to my right and I saw a bench to which Enoch motioned toward and we walked over and sat down. His eyes were glistening with the anointing of God. His words were tinged with an excitement that had a great affect on me.

“Michael I was privileged in my day to both see and move in the anointing you shall see. Father has called you here this day as both a witness and a vessel upon which his authority and power shall flow through. Yet it is not you alone but he has reserved unto himself a holy remnant sons and daughters of God that shall walk in kingdom authority in this hour”.

We heard the sound of someone approaching and Enoch and I stood and my heart was moved as I saw Moses and Elijah walking down the path we had already traversed and upon seeing us they waved and came over to us and we greeted one another. It is always a joy for me to see and spend time with Moses. His eyes like Enoch glowed with the glory of God.

As we embraced he said, “Son it is a joy as always to be with you and to share today in that which we shall see and hear”.

With this we began walking again. I don’t know what to say but I have never been gripped with such a sense of anticipation.

Moses said, “ Michael do not allow the things beginning to happen in the world shake or move you. The hour is late very late and in swift order the events foreseen in the word of God shall soon come to pass. Michael events from my day are in many ways a parallel for what shall soon happen in the earth”.

Moses face was animated as he spoke and the rest of us were listening with a quiet respect as he did so. All the servants of God in heaven I have grown to see love and respect Moses for the man that he is. His has the greatest servants heart I have ever known. We all love and respect him for his determination to walk in obedience to our Lord, but also for his kind, loving, and gentle disposition with which he carries himself. We four are continuing our walk as Moses expounds the word to us.

“Michael in my day my people were slaves to the Egyptians. They were the greatest power on earth at the time and the bondage in which they lived for hundreds of years had stripped them of all hope. Yet God had a time and a plan. Son Father used Aaron and me as vessels through whom he moved in that day, but make no mistake it was a sovereign judgment of God that brought down his wrath on Egypt, and it was by no less than his hand we were delivered.

Your nation has forsaken the God of their fathers. In blind arrogance they say in their hearts it is by our wisdom and ability as a people that we have fashioned this great power in the world. Your leaders have turned their back on Father and do not even acknowledge his name. In their unrivaled arrogance, greater than any nation ever before them they have provoked and brought upon themselves the wrath of God. They worship at the shrine of avarice and greed. Even within the church they bow at the feet of the demonic influences of hell”.

Moses stopped and looked deep into my eyes. I knew that what he was about to say was going to change my life.

“ Michael learn from my people the lessons Father would have for this last generation. We had nothing. We were slaves and we were slaves to the greatest power on earth. In this last hour Father is not going to empower the church to take over the world by using the same methods of money and greed that the world itself is using”.

He smiled and put his hand on my shoulder and leaned in close to me as he continued, “No son Father has no interest in turning the church into a spiritual replica of the world system. If you want to see what he is going to do look to the Israel of my day. Father through divine judgment brought down the greatest power on earth. He is about to bring down his wrath on the inhabitants of the earth. The church shall see its influence grow and develop in this day but it shall not come as so many think.

Michael Father is not going to share the glory of what he shall do in this day with anyone. He will provide for your needs not your wants. No all including his people the church shall see the sovereign hand of God move as it has never been seen before. In my day all Israel and I were witnesses of the hand of God as plague after plague brought down to dust the nation of Egypt. He demonstrated to all that he and he alone was God.

Son it will not be the body of Christ rising up in this day through some internal transformation to take over the world. No as were in my day the events you see happening shall bring a cry of repentance to the body of Christ. Yes his people shall do exploits in this hour but make no mistake about it, Father and Father alone by his own hand is beginning to shake the world with his glory. The church is not going to be exalted in this day and hour but Father and Father alone.

Consider us in our day Father brought ten great judgments on the land of Egypt. The wicked in that day lost their possessions, their illusions of the greatness of their power, and the utter futility of having faith in the power of the false gods of Egypt to deliver them. Father as in my day is going to draw a distinction between his people and the world that all will see. We during this time of judgment just went about our daily lives. It soon became apparent to the Egyptians that we were not suffering the wrath of Father that they were.

Yet in their minds and ours none of us had any illusions about what was happening in the land of that day. I was merely the mouthpiece of God’s choosing to speak his word in that day. Michael you and many others shall be the vessels through which he will speak in this hour. Yet the deliverance of our day and the end time move of Father in this day are in one respect the same. Father is going to move in the power and anointing that he and he alone possesses in this hour and he and he alone shall receive the glory.

You like us and all true followers of Jesus Christ shall stand in the midst of turmoil and distress as a witness to the world of Fathers love and devotion to his people. The days ahead shall be hard ones for those who put their trust in money and possessions. Purge yourself of this attitude. Set your heart and teach others that it will be those who humble themselves before God that shall stand in this day and hour. Put your life and all you are in the hands of Father and desire nothing more than to be clothed and have a roof over your head and food to eat. Let your affections be on the things above and not on this world”.

Moses stirred my heart as he spoke. He had stopped speaking and I knew that he was gathering his thoughts for what he was about to say.

“Michael Daniel prophesied that their would come a day when a great rock formed without human hands would strike the image of the satanic end time world power and grind it into dust and fill the whole earth. This world shall be brought under the kingdom and authority of Jesus Christ, but no man or group of men shall do this. He and he alone shall by his return overthrow all kingdoms in opposition to him and in that day the entire world shall acknowledge him as both Lord and God. In my day he showed all of Egypt that he is God as he brought down to the dust that great empire of hell. In this day all the wicked leaders of hell are planning their intrigues against the will of Father in this hour.

Satan is attempting to move the entire earth into that final plan that he has for he knows his time is short. In this day evil and darkness shall be purged from the church. The true church shall stand as vessels of great light and authority. Yet make no mistake about it son the kingdom of darkness shall be exposed by the judgments of Father, which have already begun for who and what they are. This time Father shall not just judge a nation evil darkness for all time shall be exposed by the power and authority of his mighty hand for who and what they are, and he and he alone shall do this. He and he alone shall get the glory”.

With this Moses ceased speaking and all the fear and worry that I have been feeling in my heart were gone as well. We four continued walking down the path and my heart is both comforted and secure that he that is bringing his judgments in the earth has me in his hand, and whither walking in heavenly places on this son’s journey or facing the onslaughts of what is yet to come in the earth, both I and all believers as Israel was in Moses day are safe in his mighty hand.

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